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  1. I have a fly I've used for over 40 years of fishing. One of my first flies I tied. It resembles a nyerges nymph. Olive with palmered brown hackle, I've caught tons of fish on that thing from Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. My guess in size 10 and 12 it probably represents a scud of some sort. It looks somewhat similar to the Rickerts nymph in olive.
  2. additional note for fishing scuds at Rocky: make sure they are weighted and get to the bottom. dragging them on the bottom and occasionally being stopped by vegation is a god thing.
    Darce at Desert Angler in Ephrata has nice packages of scuds in his parking lot vending machine. Priced well too
  3. I am going to presume that they are the correct size and color?
  4. he has two sizes in a package plus his olive mini marabu leach - also productive.
  5. I was thinking of making a trip over for the February get together.
    Might need to stop by for a howdy.

    Never having fished RF, a five weight with a sink tip or full floater?

  6. Al Moss who use to catch more than his fair share at Rocky Ford always used a sink tip, he had shorten the length of tip so he was only fishing a sink tip of about 4 or 5 ft. I have never used a sink tip. I am to cheap to cut down a sink tip just for Rocky Ford. He almost always out fished me by a few fish. So, maybe a short sink tip helps. I just use weighted flies.
    A five weight is fine for Rocky Ford.
  7. Well, most of the fun is experimenting. So I am up for some fun.
    Thanks for the tips.

    Nice thing about Rocky Ford is that I can wear my boots and leave my waders in the car.
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  8. OB...seems there is a pretty successful scud pattern called the "Golden Shrimp" (pg 87) in Steve Raymond's book "Blue Upright"...says it works in lakes and estuaries...;)
  9. Is that the one he calls out a specific color code for the floss?
  10. "Golden Olive Rayon Floss"..."looked more gold than olive when dry"..."closely imitated the pale yellow-olive color of most real gammarids."

    It didn't spell out a "particular number or brand" that I could find.
  11. You need the Kamloops book then. It's in the two older editions but I don't know about the new one.
  12. Is that one of Chan's or Raymond's book(s)??
  13. Circa 1960 Steve Raymond book.
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  14. I have that book. Will dig it out and take a look. Thanks
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  15. Scuds are starting to show up in the throat samples of some of the fish I've taken out of Lone and last year a size 12 olive marabou micro leech with a short tail worked real well and I imagine it was being taken as a scud.

    As for the Ford, I use a clear intermediate line with a shortish leader for bug control. When I fish the Ford, I want my bug on the bottom so all my scuds for there are heavillllllly weighted.

    I've also done ok with scud patterns at Pass, DF, Sheridan and Roche.
  16. I sat in the water at Chopaka one afternoon and watched a fellow catch fish after fish along the weeds on the west side of the lake. I finally asked him what he was using...yup, a scud.
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  17. Another Rocky Ford - olive and pink.
  18. Love the scud. Ell lake used to be full of those, they would be all over my waders when I got out of my float tube! I wouldn't go to the Ford without some scuds.
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  19. A lot of other scud colors work. I wouldn't get fixated on finding that specific color. Just my opinion.

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