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  1. OB, Gil Nyerges would no doubt applaud you. He still touts his Nyerges Nymph as one of the best flies around. Once, at Dry Falls I talked to a guy who was (quite successfully) fishing a simple variation of the Nyerges Nymph; basically Gil's pattern with about three or four short strands of pearl Krystalflash for a tail.
  2. AFTER the game today, I am going to get the vise out and tie some up. I really want to hit RF this year and try them. Maybe some of the lakes over in the basin. I like the sun. LOL. Not too fond of the wind, but hey, what ever you get. Fishing is fishing. Never a bad day fishing
  3. That's not quite true. I can think of a number of trips that were not so good....

    sliding off a icy road...flat tires...dead battery when we got back to the bear on the hood of the rig...broken rods...sprained ankle...thrown out back...seriously leaking waders...keys locked inside the rig... forgetting rod...forgetting vest...forgetting fins...forgetting flies...forgetting a reel on the bumper and driving off...forgetting a rod on the roof of the rig and driving off...forgetting a day pack at the pull-off...rain...heavy rain...heavy rain with wind and lightening...more lightening...forest fires...blown off the lake...blown off the lake...blown off the lake... the fishery was closed and you didn't know it until you got there...favorite hat blown off into the river and floated away...asthma attack and forgot inhaler...skunked...skunked and skunked.

  4. Gee Gene...ya make it sound like a "pleasant" sport. ;)

    Not everyday ya get to see a bear on your hood!! :)
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  5. YEAH BUT, and there is always that ugly but, all but the last three were not actually fishing. Only circumstance that were picked up along the way.

    Really? A bear on the hood? Did you drive through a honey hole?
  6. The bear on the hood took place on the Lochsa in Idaho. Virginia and I were on our way to YNP and decided to fish the Lochsa and stay at the lodge on our way.

    We had finished fishing and when arriving at our rig found a sow bear and her three cubs at the Explorer. One of the cubs was on the hood and looking through the windshield.

    I started yelling at the bear to get the hell off my rig before they scratched it. Because they were black bear, I knew they were more easily scared away than a grizzly. When I started waving my rod and walking toward the bear, Virginia figured I was dead and she headed up the highway.

    A large truck drove by and scared the sow so she ran off into the bushes, the cubs followed. I rushed to get in the Explorer in case they came back and while doing so, broke the tip off my rod.

    I picked Virginia up a good half mile from where we had parked.

    All this and I didn't get a photo... I had my field camera with me but didn't think to take a picture.

    Once we reached the lodge, we found out the bear had moved down from the high country because a bad winter had robbed them of their food source. So, they were looking for food. Other black bear were raiding the garbage bins at the lodge during the night.

    The reason I wasn't worried about the black bear and her cubs was because a sow and two cubs were a common site at East Lake. They would roam through the campgrounds at night but we found that they were easily scared away by loud noises.

    Black bear are basically timid. My Dad knew someone in Pendleton who had a cabin in the woods not far from town. A black bear would come up on their porch and look around for food. The owner of the cabin would need to go out and whack the bear with a stick to get it off the porch. It would return so he'd need to whack it again. Eventually he stopped whacking the bear and let it lay on the porch. It became an odd pet.

    A grizzly is a different story.
  7. I don't know if I can bare this any longer. :D Scuds to bears.
  8. Don't mess with the Grizz. Gene!
  9. I didn't mention the wolves.... :p
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  10. And I could tell stories about werewolves.

    Did I ever tell you about the time I met the headless horsman while fishing back east?
  11. Gotta go... the game's starting....
  12. Sounds like you have all the luck in the world. LOL
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