Sculpin for breakfast...

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  1. Me and McNasty have been pounding the banks in eastern Washington. I pulled 3 bull trout from a run within an hour. This one didn't even finish his meal before he hammered a large sculpin pattern we have come to use religiously. Just thought I'd share. A big thanks to McNasty for showing me some spots!

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1377263967.452283.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1377263982.285451.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1377264023.568935.jpg
  2. Some great looking ties there. I can see why those bulls are hammering it.
  3. So you like those flies to ride hook point down?
  4. What was the previous meal? I can't figure out what that tail is from.
  5. sculpin, and a big one. tail looks kindof odd though...
  6. Very nice!
    What size hooks are you using on those?
  7. It looks like a paddle tail.
  8. it was a sculpin. funny thing, first time we met up and fished i found a huge 7-8 inch sculpin dead from choking on a smaller sculpin still stuck in its mouth.
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  9. Ummm I think I like the hook point up flies better but I haven't experimented with them too much. Most of the hook sets have been in the corner of the mouth from the fish taking the fly and turning away. I usually don't have to set the hook on the swing they connect themselves. I also thought the paddle tail was strange.
  10. YES. You know you're in it when you see that
  11. Hook size varies from 4 to 8. I like the salmon steelhead dry fly hooks with the upturned eye lately. Sharper and lighter. However those are gamakatzu streamer hooks 4x long.
  12. You guys are gonna have to make it a little further east one of these days and fish Rufus with me.
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  13. The red throat is the money ticket on those sculpins!
  14. EXACTLY our thoughts!
  15. Yep! There isn't a single sculpin that comes off the vise without getting its throat slit.
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  16. Biggest fish I've ever caught on the Yakima was on a sculpin with a slit throat. I see a pattern here...
  17. Nice! It looks weird because it's a torrent sculpin. Really narrow caudal peduncle (base of the tail) on those... or at least most of those.
  18. That fish is probably wondering just what the hell a guy has to do to eat a breakfast in peace these days!
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