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  1. I heard a couple possible headlines, for Monday's paper:

    1. - Brady gets Bunched, by Super Manning.

    2. - Seahawks say, "This is our Hauschka"
  2. What is with all of the flags with a 12 on them?

    The twelve days of Christmas?
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  3. This is for all the Seahawk doubters.

  4. Is that the kid from the Shining?
  5. My prediction: He who scores the most points will win and there will be a lot of crying on Monday. I'm in a good place because I like both teams, doesn't matter who wins, one of them will be in the Super Bowl.
  6. Are you that slow. Twelfth man, Old guy.
  7. Hey, Jim! I don't do FAST.

    To me, fast is a type I sinker.
  8. What the "Odd's Makers" are saying... 11 of 15 predict a Hawks win.

    Micah Roberts, The Linemakers
    49ers 27-23. The Seahawks have covered the past four meetings against the 49ers, but the key word is past. If we want to talk about the present, the game is Sunday, and it’s the 49ers that are playing better right now. Between eight straight wins, the last three on the road, and going 8-1-1 ATS on the road all season, the 49ers are definitely more polished. Seattle’s offense has been sluggish in the past five games, one of which was a rare home loss in Week 16 to Arizona.
    Kenny White, The Linemakers
    Seahawks 20-14. When you look at the matchups, Seattle has owned Frisco in Seattle, and San Francisco has won that last two games in San Francisco, but only by a short price. …The 49ers are going to be a tired team at the best home field in the NFL.
    In terms of the total, I think it’s a good UNDER, even though it moved down to 39, because of the crowd noise. ... You can’t hear, you’ve got to have hand signals, you’ve got to do all these things you’ve never thought about doing before. That’s not just going to cause false start penalties, that’s going to cause havoc with the offense. This is going to be low-scoring game.
    Richie Baccellieri, The Linemakers
    Seahawks 15-9. This will be the Niners’ fourth straight road game, and I think it’s going to catch up with them in this spot. Kaepernick is very hot and cold, he’s up and down. In the first half at Carolina he looked horrible; big second half put him over the top. … The last four games, Seattle has given up 42 points, and three of the touchdowns came late in the game. Here’s a team that’s given up seven, eight point a game when it counts
    Video: Kenny and Richie discuss the NFC championship game
    Vinny Magliulo, The Linemakers
    Seahawks 24-17. Even with the Niners on a terrific run (eight straight wins with five covers), this is a nightmare venue for them the last two years – they are 1-4 ATS in their last five trips to Seattle. San Francisco was very impressive last week at Charlotte, but the Seahawks are a much better team than the Panthers. Obviously the Seahawks will be better if Percy Harvin can go, but the Niners will miss fullback Bruce Miller more in this matchup than in the first two rounds. He’s one of the best blocking backs in the league.
    Hugh Citron, The Linemakers
    Seahawks 31-20. The Niners have gotten drilled the last two trips to Seattle and they barely beat the Seahawks at home. I like Seattle at home.
    Marcus DiNitto, managing editor, The Linemakers on Sporting News
    Seahawks 24-13. Probably my best bet of the playoffs. The Niners were never even in the game in their last two trips to Seattle, and they've barely beaten the Seahawks when the games have been at Candlestick. To me, that’s a clear indication of who the better team is. It’s a cheap price, and I recommend laying the field goal with the increased juice.
    Eric Ferreira, product manager, The Linemakers on Sporting News
    49ers 20-17. It’s hard to go against the Seahawks at home, but with 3.5 points, I’ll take the dog. Both teams are well coached and very evenly matched, and I’d even take Wilson over Kaepernick. But, in the end, the Niners have more weapons on offense with Boldin and a healthy Crabtree. They’ll be the difference in a close defensive slugfest.
    Bill Bender, Sporting News’ Fantasy Source
    49ers 23-20. Kaepernick is mocking other quarterbacks, and Jim Harbaugh is singing Johnny Cash songs. This team is loose, confident and ready to erase the sting of the last two embarrassments in Seattle. The Seahawks and Niners are even almost everywhere, man. Go with the team with the better pass-catching options.
    Rufus Peabody, Massey-Peabody
    Seattle 23.8-17.3. Seattle’s been No. 1 or No. 2 (in the Massey-Peabody ratings) basically the whole year, and San Fran has turned it on and improved in our ratings over the last few weeks, but you can’t ignore the entire regular season, where they were pretty inconsistent and struggled on offense a bit.
    More from The Quants: Rufus breaks down Sunday’s action
    Vinnie Iyer, NFL writer, Sporting News
    Seahawks 20-17. Kaepernick has his mightiest struggles (at CenturyLink Field), as Richard Sherman and the Seahawks’ cover men make it rough on him. …The teams are both stingy against the run, but Marshawn Lynch has enjoyed great recent success against the 49ers … and he provides a little more pop than Frank Gore, especially behind a healthy Seahawks line. The energy Seattle has at home is more than your typical X-factor, and it also wins in an exceptional battle of special teams.
    More from Vinnie: SN’s NFL writer analyzes the conference title games
    Mike Wilkening, Linemakers contributor
    Seahawks 27-16. In my view, this is the best NFC title game since at least 2009, when the Vikings and Saints squared off. These are the conference's top teams, and either club will represent the NFC well in the Super Bowl. In the end, I expect the Seahawks to put away the 49ers with a couple flashes of brilliance. Seattle is loaded with difference-making talent.
    Larry Hartstein, Linemakers contributor
    Seahawks 20-17. Seattle's passing attack isn't clicking lately, but there's nothing wrong with the defense or Marshawn Lynch, who had two solid games vs. San Fran in the regular season and looks fresh. Colin Kaepernick hasn't proven he can avoid mistakes in that atmosphere.
    David Purdum, Linemakers contributor
    Seahawks 20- 17. I began the week liking the 49ers, but, after talking to LVH oddsmaker Ed Salmons, I switched to the Seahawks. I think Colin Kaepernick is more likely to commit the critical turnover, but I’m not sure if Russell Wilson will take advantage of it. My best advice is to find something else to bet on, but give me UNDER 39.5.
    Michael Robinson, Linemakers contributor
    49ers 23-20. San Francisco is the trendy pick after road wins at Green Bay and Carolina, but I can’t argue with more faith in Colin Kaepernick coming up with the big play over Russell Wilson. I think the 49ers quiet the 12th man – and the Seahawks – to come away with the win.
    Matt Meiselman, Linemakers contributor
    Seahawks 27-16. The Niners are the trendy pick, but Seattle is still the superior team with a significantly better defense. San Francisco hasn't run the ball that well this year, with just 4.1 yards per carry from Frank Gore, and the Seahawks can obviously shut down any passing game.
  9. I hope I can pick up the game by radio while I'm fishing.

  10. It could be really crowed (depending on others having the same thought as you) or you might be the only guy out there. Have fun!
  11. By the way, the road team has won the last three NFC Championships...
  12. None of which were in Seattle.
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  13. They key word in your post is 'last'. Predicting the future based on the past is like driving your car using the rear view mirror.

    BTW, considering the accuracy of your prediction about the outcome of the last game, nobody shouldn't have to remind you of this. Just sit back and watch it unfold.

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  14. How bout them Broncos. Brady was sent home with a tissue in hand and we are headed to the big game. Phuck the Patsies!
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  15. Yup, for sure. Now I have a team to root for in the SB should the %@&*#!^ 49ers win this game...someone better go Kaepernick hunting and fast.
  16. Evidently the Hawks haven't figured out that Kaepernick can also run. Somebody needs to watch that guy.

    There's "12" signs and flags showing all the way down here.
  17. Some body brought the wrong play book!
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  19. I'm going with... Pete Carrol had that it mind the whole way... WOW!
  20. No love for the 49'ers, but the officiating SUCKS! Seattle wins by bad calls?

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