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  1. I read on Yahoo where the Hawks are the favorite in the Super Bowl.
  2. So far the odds are about even. Some give the nod to Denver, and some to Seattle.
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  3. Hawks opened like 1.5-2pt favorites and money flew in so now Denver is between 1-3 pt favorite depending on where you look

    This will be a great game
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  4. OK you engineer types, how we gonna get Century Link field to New Jersey? I figure about three or five train loads of the 12th man to pack it once we get it there. Somebody remember to bring the siren and flag pole. I thought the little gal did a pretty good job on the National Anthem yesterday. She missed the high note, but heck fire, I would have trouble with that one also.
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  5. Helluva game. I thought SF maybe outplayed us by a hair. Was glad the bad call at the goal line made no difference in the score. In all the interviews I didn't hear anyone praising Hauschka. Nine points, mister reliable. (Knocking on wood here.)
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  6. That game was like the 1985 Bears vs. the 1985 Bears. I don't think I've ever seen two defenses that nasty on the field at once.
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  7. Super Bowl Tickets start at 2,800 ea. Along with housing and food in New York, the plane flight and transportation, it will cost a couple about $10,000 to attend the super bowl. I'm going to watch it on TV. Save my money for fly fishing.
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  8. I just read end zone seats are $2500-$2800. Good seating goes from $5000-$7400. Throw in airfare and lodging and... it adds up to a guided Alaska trip with a #1 hooker. Better beer here.
  9. Watching it on the TV screen is a better price. Better seating also. Not as cold and so far to walk to the car. Good tailgaiting on the dining room table.
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  10. I checked last night just to see if there was a remote possibility in attending the game and you are absolutely correct. Box seats were approaching $1mm each. Maybe WFF will sponsor me....:)
  11. That was among the worst quaterbacked and coached championship games ever. The penalties that the hawks take are awful! Wilson needs to make plays from the pocket. Kapernick turned it over 3 times.
    Manning is a pro. No home field. Fox is an excellent coach. It's gonna be a lot different than playing SF. I wish the Hawks luck, but they'll have to beat a professional QB at a nuetral site> Pray for wind. It's Mannings kryptonite.

    Go Sox,
  12. I have two predictions:

    1. - If Denver wins, it will be two weeks of Peyton Manning's "Legacy" on ESPN radio.

    2. - If Seattle wins, it will be two weeks of Peyton Manning's "Legacy" or Alex Rodriquez's suspension.
  13. Yeah, that was a nail-biter of a game!

    While I'm a Hawks fan, I hope the '49ers Navarro Bowman is able to come back from that left leg injury. Watching his upper and lower leg go in vastly different directions made me cringe!
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  14. That cuts both ways. Manning will find himself playing a real defense instead of the high school team the Pats managed to put up against him in the early game yesterday.

    Kaepernick rushed for 130 yards Sunday against the Hawks and SF still lost. How many yards did Denver's 'professional' (and much older) QB gain? (I'll save you the trouble. Manning rushed for -1 yards in just 2 attempts on the season. See for more.)

    Denver rightfully earned it's position as the NFL's #1 offense on the strength of Manning's arm. But with it's passing game throttled by the NFL's #1 defense, the rush will be all they have left. And Denver's ground game isn't nearly as effective as SF's (#15 vs #3).

    I think it's gonna be a LOT closer game than any of the Hawk Haters hope. I smell blood in the air . . .

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  15. Hawks should just be glad that Peyton isn't retiring this year, like Jerome Bettis was in the last SB the Hawks played in.

    They might have found themselves playing against the refs again...
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  16. It should be the hawks year. Seattle has dodged many bullets to get to the big game. I wish them luck, they need it for one more game. IF anything... the fans deserve the bragging rights of a championship team.
    I do agree with other posts, they looked bad and have looked bad for a couple of games now.... but they find a way NOT to lose.

  17. I'm sure most teams would give anything to "look bad" all the way to the Super Bowl. There's certainly room for improvement but I think they looked pretty decent in the second half of the game yesterday. Wilson had some shaky moments for sure but the 49er d is stout.
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  18. That could still happen. Big money talks.

    I hope it doesn't rear it's ugly head.
  19. First let me reveal that I've been a Bronco fan since the 1960s when on many Sundays Mile High Stadium was maybe 1/10th full and you could walk up to the gate on game day and buy a ticket. They played for 13 years before they had a winning record. The "Donkies" stunk up the place.

    But, as a kid living in southern Colorado, I stuck with them because that's all we had.

    I don't know who will win the Lombardi Trophy on Feb 2nd, but I do know one thing - statistics of past games will not determine who will win. It'll likely come down to "Can the Denver O come up with a game plan to rattle, confuse, and best the Seattle D?"

    The Peyton haters will answer that question one way. The Hawk haters another way.

    The rest of us will just stuff our faces with food (I'm making Dutch Oven lasagna with my slow cooked marinara, chorizo and homemade lasagna noodles served with Bruschetta and Ciabatta bread) drink adult beverages (I'm serving mirco-brewed IPAs, barrel-aged Weizenbock, Ripassa (Italian Red wine) and Washington State Red blends) and yell at the refs about bad calls. We'll rush to the bathroom after TDs so we don't miss the Bud and Doritos commercials, and after the game is over we'll hopefully say "That was one of the most exciting Super Bowl games ever."

    Good luck to you Seahawk fans. Just don't hate me if I wish my Broncos good luck + enough for the W.

  20. My older son got two tickets through the lottery......


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