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  1. Trapper, it is refreshing to listen to someone that wants to just enjoy the game for what it is and with friends. I wish good luck to the "Donkies", but naturally wish that the Hawks will win. Either way,
    I look forward to a great game of football and some great plays.
    On both sides.
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  2. Several random stats: This is the first SB in years where the #1 seeds from both conferences are playing each other; Denver has the league's #1 ranked offense while Seattle has the #1 defense; and Seattle is the first SB team in nearly 30 years in which no player on the team has ever been in a previous SB.

  3. Olive Bugger - I see it for what it is - a game. It's not like it's a life or death struggle for the future of the planet like dry fly fishing . . . :)

  4. So what time shall we come over and is there anything you want us to bring?

    Yeah but Kent, the Greatest Cornerback in the History of Time will be playing in this SuperBowl. The Super Bowl should feel honored.
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  5. I was thinking the same thing about dinner!

    Forbes (of all publications!) just posted a fascinating article on their site about Richard Sherman titled 'The Economics of Trash Talk'. It's worth reading at

    Here's a tease: "The DB’s [defensive back, ie. Sherman] supreme compliment is only that teams refuse to throw in their direction, choosing instead to pick on a weaker link in the pass defense. What will be lost in the phonetics uproar over Sherman’s trash talk is that rarely did the 49ers throw in Sherman’s direction."

  6. Good read, Kent. The talking heads over on ESPN were salivating all morning about this issue.
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  7. I think Sherman has done the 'Hawks a favor by putting the bulk of the media crush on his shoulders and running with it. As a young team with no SB experience the media pricks are going to be a huge load on those guys but now the press will be buzzing around Sherman like yellow jackets around a chicken gizzard. Sherman is a communications major from Stanford and will be better able to handle two weeks of the same lame assed questions being asked day after day.

    As far as his on field performance is concerned there is little argument. You throw at him to your own peril.

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  8. I heard an interesting stat about Sherman. Not just that he had more interceptions than anyone else this season, or that the 49ers didn't throw his way much, but that this was the case much of the season, and that he intercepted about 15 percent of all passes thrown to receivers he was covering. That's a phenomenal number, given that QBs throw something like 2-3 percent.
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  9. A few things to think about: aside from Kapernick the 9ers rushed for 31 yrds, the broncos have not seen a defense this good all year(39 take aways). The 9ers have only given up 100 yrd 5 times in 3 years ( thee times to Marshawn), Harvin will be back and healthy, the hawks pedestrian receiver corp just got better. Should be a good game.

    P.S. Keep an eye out for Cam Chancelor, the man is on a mission
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  10. I agree with you that it's time for the Greatest CB of all time Champ Bailey to get his ring. We got him from a trade of Clinton Portis to the Redskins and never regretted it.
  11. Very good points kaisserman, very good

    trapper your menu is killing me, the house is gonna smell like lasagna all day and you'll probably make enough for several trips back to the pot
  12. For the guys who liked my menu

    Ciabatta bread


    Dutch Oven lasagna

    I'm thinking of making a tiramisu for dessert.

  13. Dang it, now I am hungry.
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  14. I don't they there that great of a defense. Seattle played a bunch of crappy teams. When they played a hard team they lost. Seattle is going against the best offense in history not just the season. No team has ever come close to what the broncos accomplished this year
  15. I guess that is a good reason to actually PLAY THE GAME, Joe.

  16. Beating SF 29-3, Beating NO 34-7, Beating Carolina 12−7, then beating NO and SF in playoffs, are they crappy? Exactly which hard teams beat Sea? SF, Arizona, and Indy. You are spouting a muck of cluck :rolleyes:
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  17. 1984 Dolphins, Marino 5,084 yards passing and 48 tds, no one had done that before, and they lost to the NFC West Championship team SF in the Superbowl 38-16 ! Hmmm...the Broncos playing the NFC West Champion? Boom time coming and Gov. Christie can't even road block this Seattle team !!!
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  19. We held the saints to 17 pts total over two by your logic, denver hasnt played any good defenses yet so their offense isnt great. On top of this, you can't just say "they scored more points than anyone before, therefore they are the best offense of all time". Scoring is way up across the board due to thousands of reasons (the insane amount of rule changes that favor offense, the evolution of the passing/spread/hurry up game, etc.) Points scored above the league average would be more important
  20. In case anybody here needs a reminder, winning a football game, including the Superbowl, only requires scoring one more point than your opponent, not 20 or 30.

    Past performance is no predictor of the future. If it were, Seattle's coldcocking of Denver in the preseason should make Bronco's fans awfully nervous. Sure, Manning only played a few minutes while the Denver staff looked at other players trying to make the cut. But the same was true of the Seattle squad as well.

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