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  1. I like both teams so I don't want either to loose. But you can't have a SB where both teams win. Sooooooo.... I'm waiting to see which team is found responsible for causing a huge traffic jam somewhere instead of just an insane, self serving, rambling rant and I'll go with the team that didn't close down a bridge. :D
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  2. peyton looked like a lost puppy the first 10 minutes of that game. i know it was pre-season too
  3. To say that the pre-season game might allude to any kind of predictor on the outcome of the SB is nonsensical at best. Peyton makes Denver the team it is today. Since Elway retired they have had Brian Griese, Jake Plummer, Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow, each failing to take them beyond the first round of the playoffs. If Peyton doesn't play for four quarters then odds swing heavily in their opponents winning. Brock and Zac the two back up QBs have the same throwing skill set as Knowshon Moreno. Both starting teams for Seattle and Denver are not the same teams as they were in preseason for better and worse.

    I always am humored by armchair QBs statistically breaking down the game to a gnat's ass when in the end the outcome will be decided by a few key plays. If the Golden Tate catch the or Richard Sherman tipped interception didn't go Seattle's way then it would be a rematch of the Broncos vs Niners.

    Denver has never played a defense as high powered as Seattle's. Likewise Seattle has to overcome one of the best QBs to ever play the game with a high powered core of catching weapons. I can assure that no player or coach for either team feels it will be an easy win based on some preconceived statistic. The key to this game will rest on the offensive line for Denver vs the defensive line of Seattle. It will be a WW1 trench war and to the victor go the spoils.
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  4. And then again, it could be a BLOW OUT, one way or the 'tother.
  5. The number one defensive strategy should be to pressure Peyton. If Peyton gets sacked hard and gets nervous, the game is ours. Go Hawks!!
  6. Good points all OB, but you left one out, can the Seattle o-line deal with Denver d-line well enough to get Marshawn his 100+.
    Marshawn v Knowshawn, who will win?
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  7. I will give you a definitive answer in two weeks. LOL
  8. Solid point. I would add Monte Ball to your question as well since Denver rushing unit consists of both backs.

    It will be interesting to see how their d-line does vs the beast since they held Jamaal Charles to less than 100 yds in each game. Remember "Pot roast" doesn't let much get away from him.
  9. #1 offense vs. #1 defense. What's not to like about this matchup?

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  10. Maybe. But since Denver has a very effective passing game with only a middle of the road running game (#1 in passing vs. #15 in rushing), it might be more telling to watch how the Bronco receivers do against Seattle's DBs.

    Seattle's DBs are almost universally accused by opposing teams as holding or interfering with receivers on virtually every play. Receivers are routinely wrapped up and dropped in their routes before the ball even leaves the QB's hand. But why don't the ref's flag those fouls more often?

    The average NFL game lasts 3-1/2 hours and has 8-12 penalties. That timeframe is driven by the NFL front office so that the TV broadcast networks can plan on a predictable time 'window' to schedule programming to follow each game. There's lots of advertising money at stake here and the networks don't want to be refunding an ad buy if a game goes longer than scheduled.

    Seattle has been accused in stories in SI, ESPN and the Wall Street Journal of employing a deliberate strategy of gambling that the ref's aren't gonna flag every defensive holding or pass interference foul and risk stretching that 3-1/2 hour window into a 4 or 5 hour game.

    These writers argue that most of the fouls in the Seattle secondary will go uncalled and the flagrant few that do draw a yellow flag are regarded as collateral damage, thus earning the Seattle secondary the reputation as the most effective in the NFL at smothering the pass.

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  11. I'm bored, waiting for a customer to get me what I need to get busy on a project. So I just spent some time reading this article comparing Peyton Manning with Russell Wilson:

    It's frankly surprising how similar their stats are. A tease:

    "Though the two quarterbacks couldn't be much more physically different, as passers they're remarkably similar.

    "This season, Manning had 659 pass attempts compared to Wilson's 407; that's 61.9 percent more attempts. Manning threw for 342.3 yards per game in 2013, 63.2 percent more than Wilson's 209.8.

    "If you're following the math, you likely realize the two quarterbacks averaged nearly the same number of average yards per attempt—and they are: Manning's 8.31 barely edges Wilson's 8.25. They finished second and third in the NFL this season, respectively.

    Oops, there goes the phone. Back to work.

  12. Russell's legs could be a difference maker.
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  13. I looked at some stats too. Its amazing what info you can pull from the books.

    2013 wilson manning
    TD 26 55

    300+ 2 12

    Pass 209 342

    If you're following the math, you likely realize the two quaterbacks have very little in common. They do however have the same record and chance of winning the Superbowl. GO HAWKS! :D

    Kent- just my sarcasm showing. I find stats to be self serving and alot of fun with a beer in our hands.
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  14. Hey, at least the Cowboys or Steelers aren't in it....

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  15. Someone needs to run a Daauble Check on those stats :)
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  16. I have some stats too.

    Hours spent swinging flies on puget sound rivers this past weekend = 20+.

    # of Steelhead = 0.
  17. I hope the weather is not too much of a factor - they had a major blizzard there and would not of been able to play if the game was today.
  18. Actually they might reschedule giving many the opportunity to party what's wrong with two superbowl parties, one on Sunday and one Monday night? or in consecutive weekends? :p
  19. "Past performance is no predictor of the future". -Kent, I will humbly disagree, my four children are presented as evidence!

    Ultimately, the winner will be decided on which team greases the right folks properly, its how things get done in Jersey.

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  20. The winning teams from Sunday's games are headed to New Jersey? I thought going to New Jersey was a punishment.
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