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  1. Get a rope...
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  2. Payton has 5477 yards and 55 touchdowns
  3. I'm currently at a hotel aboot a mile or three from the superbowl stadium. Can confirm: it's cold and snowy-like
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  4. Whens the camp cooks recipe book going to be published ?
  5. Peyton is his name and.....your point?
  6. Have a good time at the show Evan.
    Grab a slice or two of real pizza for me. Man, do I miss a real pizza parlor.
  7. I've been trying to understand the obsession with football and the seahawks. It's just weird to me how much people care about sports.

    Don't watch sportsball eh?
  8. Does it make any sense now?
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  9. What's me being near the stadium 1.5wks before the game have to do with me watching it?
  10. Yeah, but how is the fishing, Evan?

    Hotel Lobby got a fish tank?

    What flies? Buggers might work,
  11. I couldn't even accurately guess just how many times I've been asked this question. The answer is -- Not any time soon because I'm in the middle of promoting my third book, a novel, Wounded Knights. I'm being bugged to finish the 2nd book in this series about a Montana fly fishing guide who gets himself into a lot of trouble. And I've currently got a total of 8 books in my head for this series.

    Trapper "Patrick" Badovinac
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  12. I am no longer a mind reader..... get those books to print so i can flip the pages.
  13. You can get the novel either from Amazon or off my website.

  14. If your example was watching other people fish for steelhead, then it would be a decent comparison. I won't go into it any more though. It's a seahawks thread.
  15. There is no other reason someone would willingly go to New Jersey. :p
  16. Hey, my wife is from New Jersey, and I've always enjoyed visiting. NJ has some really decent trout waters, and in fact I caught my first brown trout there. And yes, the fishy variety, not the floating turd variety.
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  17. For those attending the Super Bowl some cultural highlights of the surrounding area

    What does the presumably dead labor leader Jimmy Hoffa have in common with the Roman Emperor Caracalla? Probably quite a lot, come to think of it. In the context of Robert Sullivan's provocative, audacious book about the New Jersey Meadowlands the two figures illustrate a profound truth about human history: that it is a pageant of burying and digging up, as illustrated by the almost unthinkably exploited, abused, reviled and physically revised lowlands across the Hudson River from Manhattan. The human imagination, endlessly building and destroying, tirelessly creating myths and garbage, heroic dreams and sewage, happens to have buried much of its production in the abused yet still beautiful and interesting terrain of the Meadowlands.
    In legend and maybe in fact, Hoffa is buried in the Meadowlands, perhaps under the end zone in Giants Stadium, perhaps somewhere under the Pulaski Skyway. And New York's magnificent Penn Station, which was imagined and executed as a columned reproduction of the Roman Baths of Caracalla -- a historical digging-up -- is also buried somewhere in the same terrain. When the great old terminus was razed in 1965, the granite members of its monumental corpse went into the Meadowlands, along with an incalculable tonnage of human waste and striving: dumped pig bowels from Secaucus along with oyster shells from the Waldorf, rubbed-out gangsters along with lost travelers, chemical toxins along with the remains of the area's onetime flower nurseries, cedar forests and elegant resorts.

    I'll never forget the feature article in the National Lampoon highlighting the Smell tours of the Meadowlands.

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  18. I'm with you on that Gman.

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