Sea Run Cutt's

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  1. Had a great day on my favorite "local" river (Begins with Sno !!)

    The SRC's are in abundance, had 9 in the net on Sunday, and also one very fiesty Rainbow.

    Smallest fish around 12", most significantly larger.

    I was bummed when I lost my last Reverse Spider, but another "regular" Knudsen's with a little flash performed quite nicely! Also, I fish a little below the surface with an Intermediate sink tip, 6-weight.

    Action was fast before the fog burned off, but fish continued to hit during full sun - even hooked a few "on sight" as they grabbed the fly.

    Let 'em go!
  2. :HMMM
    I fished Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on the Snohomish @ Thomas's Eddy...I hooked numerous pink salmon (even landed some) and I released one 14 inch dolly...But did not even see a hint of a these mythic "sea run cutthroat"...what gives? :DUNNO I worked the stumps and logs with weighted sub surface flies on a floating line...nothing

    PS...Lots of silvers jumping
  3. If the rivers keep failing you. Try for them in salt. I did for the first time last weekend. Really did'nt know where to look so I just started casting a large sofa pillow(#6)stripped it in much like you would a bass popper. Second cast produced a big boil, paused the retrieve and landed a 17 incher. Caught several more. Bring your 5-6 weight with a floating line. They seem very eager to wallup a dry making a lot of commotion. Fish any where there is current/tidal flow or stream inlets.(check regs 1st many river mouths are closed due to salmon returns) I fished off Meristone Island. I am hooked. Good luck!! :THUMBSUP
  4. Piscean,

    I think Chris V answered why you may not be catching - It's in the retrieve.

    You gotta fish the fly with quick strips, give it some action! The Knudsen's really "pulsate" when fished correctly.

    Could that be it? Better luck next time!

    Let 'em go! :THUMBSUP
  5. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    You know that's what my problem might be. Been fishing dries but just doing the dry fly thing. Letting it drift without a drag on it. Might go back to the Stilly and just try that method out.

    Was watching my buddy do that but didn't think much of it. But he was catching all the fish.

    When out and tied up a few Stimulators dark brown. I have to go out and try them out. Will let youse all in on it if it works.

  6. I will try a stocccato quick strip retrieve next time...I had been doing the dead drift thing or a steelhead style down and across swing...

    Thanks... :COOK
  7. Steelhead swing may get you a few fish, but a stripped retrieve is the key to consitently catching them (especially in slower/frog water). Try quick retrieves, but also slow it down. I usally vary my retrieve a lot (even on the same cast/retrive) to find out what they want, seems sometimes the change in speed will trigger a strike.
  8. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    Well I tried this thing about striping your line in and had a few hits but still no fish. Mtlhead was fishing down stream of me and saw a lot of splashing in the water.Besides not doing any good now we Have to share our fish with seals in the river. As it left him and went down river he said it looked like a big boat going down river displaced alot of water.

    I've seen them in the Snohomish but that water was a whole lot deeper.Where we were at it was about a foot deep.

  9. Saw a 20+" cut come out of a local river yesterday. A real humdinger! Hit a pair of chartruese corkies and a plain hook (no yarn), fished on the bottom. The fish inhaled the corkies. It was a beaute! :TONGUE
  10. Thought I'd give another update - Fished Sat and Sun afternoons. Saturday was full sun but brought three to the net both days.

    Sunday was better fishing weather and one of the three was as long as my forearm from fingertip to elbow - I guess 18"-20".

    I'm so glad to be catching fish!!!!!!!!! A few "Meathookers" chucking hardware all left empty handed.

    Let 'em go!
  11. wow,

    You are catching fish, that's great. I fished all day sat and sunday ont he snohimish and used leaches, egg patterns, and dry's and caught nothing at all.

    Not even a bite.



    p.s. I did land a rainbow but it was only 10 inches. :DUNNO
  12. your catching fish!

    I fished all day on the sno and did not catch anything. What gives?


    Phil :HMMM
  13. and the wild goose chase continues

  14. Sea Run Cutt's - Meristone Island

    Hi Chris:

    Glad to hear about your success! I have fished the point off Ft Flagler for Silvers quite a bit but have never seen a SRC taken there. Where were you fishing on Marrowstone?

    Coho :THUMBSUP
  15. and the wild goose chase continues

    OK -First please nobody say I'm gloating, because I'm not...

    I am in the Snoqualmie, fishing the deeper "Frog Water". Look for steep banks that indicate dropoffs, and also logjams or downed trees near the shore.

    The flies I fish are all wet, with alot of soft hackle that "pulsates" when stripped quickly. Go to Kaufmann's in Bellevue and they will hook you up with a few colors/patterns. Just ask them to pick you out a half dozen SRC flies and they will know what you need (Knudsen's Spiders and similar)

    I fish with a sink tip, but rarely deeper that 12" below the surface, tapered to 3x or 4x tippet depending on fly size.

    Cast toward shore (I'm in a boat) as close to the shore as you can.

    Good luck fellas, I'm trying to help ya here!!!

    Let 'em go!
  16. and the wild goose chase continues

    Thanks for the info and hey - gloating is perfectly OK!!
    Just curious - where did you launch and put in? I have floated the Snoqualmie in my drift boat from Red Barn down to the takeout by the Tolt. I have never gone farther than that. Are the ramps in good shape - and doable in this low water?
  17. and the wild goose chase continues


    The low water is going to limit the types of boats, but you are in the right vicinity!

    Let 'em go!
  18. SRC frustration

    I did everything as you do... casting, stripping in slow/frog water. I got "the best cutthroat flies I can get" - reverse Yellow Spiders, also tried another colors - black w/white hackle, purple, orange.
    No luck :SAD . Fish is jumping and teasing me but I can do nothing. This is very frustrating. I hooked only one small fish in whole day and I'm not sure was it cutthroat or not (I released it in water).
    There were other FF-ers on the well-known river starting with Sti... but nobody caught anything bigger than 6-8-inchers
  19. SRC frustration

    I totally agree. I do everything right and never catch anything out of the SNO accept 6 inchers.

    I mean even the bait chuckers don't catch that many.

  20. SRC frustration

    What do I know---I'm just an old man

    Could it be because all of the other fish runs were late this year that they (searuns) decieded to be late also.

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