NFR Seahawks game

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  1. Reeeaaalllyyy wishing I could be there tonight. My wife looked into tickets as an anniversary present but cheapest she could find was like four hundred bucks a piece. Ouch

    Go Hawks!!!
  2. Probably too early for second string.:D
  3. The hawks are hammering New Orleans worse than Katrina did! (too soon?)
  4. Did they ever say how loud it got?

    I just for out that it was Kansas City that broke Seattle's decibel record, except they had a countdown for everyone to yell at the same time.

    How lame
  5. My guess was good.;)

  6. Super enjoyable game. I only wish they hadn't shut it down to "time waste mode" in the third quarter. But that's what good teams do when they are up by 3+ scores.
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  7. HA! I thought you were joking! NICE
  8. Looks like we ain't in Kansas anymore Toto! :eek: :D
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  9. Damn, that was LOUD. I took my hunting ear plugs with me and my ears are still ringing..what a game though!
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  10. To bad they're going to lose to Denver in the Super Bowl.
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  11. Oh ye of little faith...
  12. Really wish there was a dislike option.:p
  13. That would be a fun match up, if so, Manning better bring his blanky cause it's gonna be cold in NY.
  14. you do know we buttt graped denver in pre season and manning was pulled in the first quarter, i aint even scurred
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  15. Enjoy it while it last ..... the bank cant keep them together much longer!
  16. They both gotta get there first!
  17. First off, the Hawks need to worry about Carolina before Denver. Carolina's defense isn't giving up squat. I think the Panthers can beat N.O. in N.O.

    Seattle beat Carolina (barely) at the begging of the season, but that defense is even better now.

    Denver's secondary is weak, and getting weaker each week. Not to mention... what's Peyton's record in the postseason when it's cold? Yeah, not so good.

    If the Hawks met Denver in the SB, there's only one determining factor that will determine the outcome - Will the refs let Seattle's DB's be "physical", or will they throw the laundry ever time they look cross-eyed at the receivers.
  18. Well, first of all, it is a looooooong way to the Superbowl.

    I think I am more interested in what happens in San Francisco next game. The fans down there will remember what we did to the team in Seattle. I do not look for a lot of favorable noise or calls on the field.

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