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  1. Hmm... dont think he can overcome the numbers peyton is putting up. Worthy yes, but he is credited with coming in to a good team with a good D and good running game and basically the perfect situation for any average QB to do well....everyone else has had to make their team better :confused: least this is the nfl media's consensus :rolleyes: I think Dilfer was saying he thought Seahwaks were a play-off team if even TJ was qb'ing. Total BS IMHO....Wilson is an exceptional stud!
  2. Kinda sounds like Denver, before Manning stepped in.

    No way he overcomes Mannings numbers. But it's hard to argue any one player is more valuable to their team than Wilson. Do you really think any average qb wins in Houston? You think any average qb gets that win in St . Louis when his entire offensive line was gone and the Rams d line was running free all night? I'm not saying he's the best thing to walk the face of the earth but I see this argument about what a great team Wilson has and how that is what makes him good.

    Plenty of great teams have won championships with average qb play. Few great qbs, however, have won championships with average teams.
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  3. Hard to argue that Manning's presence is not MVPish. Look what happened to Indy when they didn't have him. Went from 13-3 to what? 2-14? Remove Manning from Denver they are what...6-10 at best. With TJ the Seahawks are still a play-off team according to many nfl insiders (who have a hard time swallowing the fact pill that they were wrong about Russell). We will never know Wilson's team presence value unlike that of Manning's but the assumption still remains as so.
  4. I love Wilson has seatle's qb, however unless manning's arm falls off Wilson won't win the MVP. Even if manning's arm does fall arm Wilson probably won't win it.
  5. If you want to enphasize the 'value' in MVP, then at just $750k a year Wilson is probably the best value any NFL franchise owner could ever hope for. He fills the seats and gooses the TV ratings for a fraction of what any QB 4 inches taller makes in the league.

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  6. No doubt. You aren't trading for harvin (not that he's done squat yet),signing Avril and Bennett or locking up chancellor when you're paying the qb $20 mil.
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  7. Even if the seahawks win it hypotheticallly we Will still have the debate by esp:
    is Russell Wilson for real? did the seahawks really have what it took to win that year or was it a week season in he nfl? what grain skagit should Rw3 be throwing on his deathstar

    no matter what happens with the hawks the national media will find away to discredit seattle
  8. Now throw this in for fun:

    Can you imagine what the Hawks could do offensively, if they gave Russell free reign to run the no-huddle offense?

    And don't give me that "He just ain't there yet" crap. He's proven he could do it as a rookie, and so did Peyton. I think it's a gift you're born with, not taught. And Russell has it.
  9. The media diss'n on the west coast?! Say it isn't so.... :rolleyes:

    Remember last year after the Hawks beat the Redskins? All ESPN could talk about for the next two weeks, was "How did this happen?" No love to Russell or the Hawks (really to speak of), just "Oh my GOSH! RG III is down!!!" I don't even think those announcers could find Seattle on a map!
  10. [​IMG]Here's my brother on ESPN contributing to the loudness. Just thought it was funny they zoomed in on him. (on the right)
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  11. as a QB you have to manage your offense, and Wilson does that, so do all the good QBs. Its what separates an NFL qb vs someone who doesn't have what it takes. I think saying he isn't a talented qb is an insult.
  12. His 15 minutes of fame.... and his tongues hanging out, sweet.

    If it wasn't for the Hawks jersey, I'd have thought he was at an Ozzie Osborne concert. :p
  13. Rg3 sends his own cornrows to steve godshall to make custom heads and braided leaders

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