NFR Seahawks vs 49er's

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Who will win?

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  1. Seahawks

  2. 49er's

  1. Seattle enjoys the greatest home-field advantage in the NFL. Vegas has them as 3 pt favorites. That being said, I just read an article that said most long-term winning handicappers always bet the underdog. I'm just hoping for an entertaining game.
  2. Seattle loses to a walk off home run... er wait. That can't happen if you're the home team. They lose on a penalty shot in the 89th minute.
  3. I predict a rain delay late in the first quarter.
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  4. This delay is going to take the crowd right out of it. Bummer for hawks.
  5. As shoddy as both teams look the rain was a blessing. They can't be any worse after the delay.

  6. Nahhh...get the right combination of plays and they'll be back with a vengeance!
  7. Maybe someday we'll have a covered stadium.
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  8. I heard a rumor at the time that when the Kingdome was imploded, it had not been fully paid for yet? Not sure if that is true or not but I certainly see the irony in this post.
  9. You are correct. It will be paid off in 2016.

    On another note, I hope they never put a roof on the stadium. I like it when teams have to play in the elements.
  10. Did any of you watch the Denver game. Denver 132 yards in penlites. And they still stuck it to the Giants.
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  11. Halftime. What an offensive juggernaut the SeaLice are-one touchdown in 6 quarters of play! And they closed out the half with 3 timeouts left, didn't even try to get in field goal position. Have these guys ever seen Peyton Manning, Jay Cutler or Drew Brees close out a half?

    They played that 2 minute drill like they had an 18 point lead in the fourth quarter and knew there was pizza waiting in the clubhouse. I had to check to be sure they weren't wearing Mariners uniforms. pathetic.

  12. Football was designed for the tough weather. They play it in the autumn and winter.
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  13. My question is why Paul Allen thinks he owns the stadium?? Hell, the city of Seattle still "owes" the state government for all the lottery revenues transferred from education funding to funding of the stadiums. Why isn't there any discussion of paying back that debt?

    But back to Paul Allen and "his ownership of the stadium" is the quote from the Seahawks website. He sure thinks he owns it!! Wasn't he the one that did NOT want U of W playing in HIS stadium?

    Along with the purchase came the vision of a new multi-functional stadium and exhibition hall. On June 30, 1997, the purchase was completed, keeping the Seahawks in the great Northwest.
    “From the beginning of this process, my goals have been to work with the community to create a lasting asset for our future, and to ensure the long-term success of the Seahawks,” said Allen when he purchased the franchise. “Moving forward, our goals are to build a playoff caliber team and to create a world-class facility for the state of Washington.”
    Both goals have been realized. In 2002, the vision of Seahawks Stadium and Exhibition Center, renamed CenturyLink Field & CenturyLink Field Event Center in 2011, became reality. An open-air facility which many argue is the best venue in the National Football League, CenturyLink Field is home to over 300 events annually, including Major League Soccer, Supercross, concerts, graduation ceremonies, and trade shows.
    “It exceeds the vision we had originally,” Allen said shortly after the stadium opened. “We had a goal to create a really intimate stadium with elegant architecture that would be great for the fans. I think we’ve ended up with a fantastic facility.”
  14. Yep! The next year's Super Bowl (I think 2014) is played in New York at Met Life Stadium (no roof). I hope it's 3 degrees and snowing.
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  15. Vlad my friend... this state doesn't know how to function, unless we're running in the red (in debt). I think their heads would blow up if we ever had a surplus. They'd probably wonder what they did wrong.
  16. This has turned out to be a great (if weird) game.

    Go hawks!
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  17. This game has been like two heavyweights with one of them just landing jabs all day long, eventually just wearing them out.

    Just as Ira predicted, I should add
  18. Soooo glad I was wrong.
  19. They looked like a real team in the 2nd half. It didn't hurt that Kaepernick gave his best Mark Sanchez imitation either.
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