NFR Seahawks vs 49er's

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Who will win?

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  1. Seahawks

  2. 49er's

  1. Hawks look great! I'm from Colorado, so Broncos loyalties. But the Seahawks D looks super fast. Pete Carroll has them playing great football. Congrats! Very fun game to watch.
  2. I was afraid that shitty punt block call was going to be the scope of the game. Glad it turned out great. I do not know how I am going to go to sleep now. Stupid monday jobs
  3. And blowing sideways.

    I can't believe I watched that whole thing............

    Coffee has not kicked in yet.
  5. I am sure glad the Hawks won by a wider margin then I thought it would be, loved seeing Kaepernick getting the ball stripped from him!
  6. I was watching over here in Moses Lake and we lost power part way into the 2nd quarter. Didn't come back on til 4AM.
  7. On a weekend when media darlings Johnny Football, RGIII and Kaepernick(the Headline Hogs)had a difficult time,it was somehow satisfying that the NFL's smallest and lowest paid quarterback got it done in the second half when it really counted.

    It seems like a victory for all of us average size, underpaid guys.

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  8. I came down from the cabin to watch the game. I was watching it on the Spokane channel. The audio was the Emergency Broadcast System updates as the storm moved into Moses Lake. Every once in awhile we got the game audio. I did like the tornado warning in the second quarter or so. That must have been what knocked out your power!

    That must have been some storm. We just got a little rain and lightning in Wenatchee.
  9. We heard the tornado warning also and about 2 minutes later the power went out. There were 4 big trees uprooted at Blue Heron Park. It's closed for cleanup and tree checking right now. Power's still out in some part of Moses Lake proper. I went to Jack in the Box for breakfast and couldn't figure out why I couldn't get in. After that I noticed a bunch of dark businesses.
  10. This from

    "The Seattle Seahawks didn't just beat their rival San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night. They humiliated them.

    "San Francisco's three running backs rushed 11 times for 13 yards. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman erased Anquan Boldin; San Francisco's big pickup only had one catch for seven yards. Colin Kaepernick had the worst game of his career with four turnovers and only 127 yards passing.

    "Seattle's offense was similarly stymied in the first half, but bounced back with two 80-yard drives after halftime. Russell Wilson completed only eight passes (in 19 attempts), and the Seahawks were mostly sloppy on offense. Yet the Seahawks won going away.

    "Seattle has outscored the 49ers 71-16 over their last two meetings. For most of 2012, Seattle was the hunter in the division. They were the upstarts trying to catch up to the 49ers. San Francisco went further in the playoffs last year, but Seattle is now the hunted. They are the favorites. The 49ers are supposed to be the physical team in the division, yet Seattle manhandled them up front on Sunday night.

    "On a night when the Seahawks' "12th man" reportedly set a Guinness World Record for loudest stadium at CenturyLink Field, it is increasingly hard to imagine Seattle losing at home. This is a team that entered the season as the NFC favorites and only looks better after two weeks. Bruce Irvin, Chris Clemons, Brandon Browner and Percy Harvin haven't even played yet for this team.

    "If the 49ers can't win in Seattle, who can?

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  11. I hope the O-line holds up this year. If it does and if all the other injured/suspended folks come back......could be a good year.

    Harbaugh had a look on his face like he tried to low-hole someone and instead ended up hooking himself in the privates with a Rapala on his first cast. Priceless.
  12. One or two teams will come out of the woodwork with a good game, or the Hawks will stub their toe somewhere.
  13. I always am amazed at how Seattle fans can whine about the non-existant "East Coast bias" and the officiating even in victory. It's truly sad, people.
    The fact is the the chickenhawks are a darn good football team. Schneider is excellent finding talent and as long as they don't have to pay elite quaterback rates for an elite quarterback then they will have a very deep football team just as they do now.
    The only issue that I see is the teams overall lack of discipline with regards to penalties. The penalties will kill them in a big game if they don't improve.
    This comes from a Patsie fan whose team suffers from having to pay full price or close to it for it's elite quarterback play. As a result the Patriots are not nearly as deep as the Chickenhawks. Good players are cut/ not re-signed every year for cash purposes in NE. Enjoy it while you can Seatle, but please stop whining like the worlds out to get you. Truth is there is no east coast bias and the ref's aren't out to get the chickens.
    One nice thing about being a Pat's fan is that I have become accustomed to watching a succesful team and playoff fooball. Truth is that once a team makes the playoffs anything can happen. Some years the tuck rule goes your teams way, other years David Tyree catches a ball with his head. The key is to get to the playoffs as often as possible. Enjoy it when your team gets there.

    Go Sox,
  14. Yeah, except I can't throw a football 70 yards in the air and hit a moving target.

    Although I'm pretty sure I'd be an All Pro at getting sacked...
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  15. In a sports editorial in today's, Ann Killian writes:

    [Pete] Carroll, in the happy aftermath, had praise for his rival [Jim Harbaugh]. "They're a very good team," he said. "They almost won the Super Bowl. He couldn't beat his brother."

    Talk about damning with faint praise!


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