Seattle-area Drift Boat Storage?

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  1. I co-owned a 16' drift boat with my brother until he passed away recently. We have stored it in his garage since we bought it about 5 years ago. I need to find a new home for it, and unfortunately, my crappy little garage in the Green Lake area of Seattle is way too small. I've been poking around looking at self-storage options around the Seattle area and am finding that the monthly rent on even an outdoor space is pretty cost-prohibitive. (Also wondering if there's some price-fixing going on, but that's beside the point.) Wondering if anyone out there with a similar dilemma has found a cheap'ish place to store a boat within, say, 30 miles of Seattle. Mine's about 19.5' in length on the trailer.
  2. Have you checked out Sail Sand Point? They have a open air boat yard north of Manguson Park. I used to store a rowboat there. They allow storage of non-motorized boats only. You will have to check it they have space though, which can be limited. The price was reasonable. It was the only place I could use since I did not have a car which could pull the rowboat so I used to just row it around out there.
  3. You've probably already perused this site:

    As a former marina manager, I do understand your plight. Boat storage, even dry storage, is not cheap!

    Don't you have any family or friends with some extra driveway space? That would be where I'd first look!

    Good luck! :)
  4. Perhaps call around to places such as Three Rivers and ask if they know of any places boats can be stored.
    Since they are in the boat business, they are likely to know as I'm sure they get asked the same question a lot from their customers.
    Hope you find a space for your boat and sorry for your loss.
  5. Maybe you could offer co-ownership to a trusted forum member in exchange for storage.
  6. If you can pick a couple rivers to fish for the various seasons there is usually pretty cheap storage out in the boonies rather than paying through the nose close to downtown - saves on gas too.
  7. I got plenty of room If your willing to teach me how to use it.
  8. Can you get by with only having access Monday-Friday between 6:30am-3pm? If so, pm me.

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