Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Courtesy Flush, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Anyone gonna make it to Al's on Thursday? :beer1:
  2. Sounds good to me.
  3. I am planning on Al's...gonna bring some tying stuff.
  4. Will be at Al's on Thursday.

    Fish this weekend too! Hopefully no house BS hampers anything.
  5. it's that day...Al's?? i need alcoholic bevies in a bad way...
  6. Right on Eric,

    I also am in need of :beer1:, it has been a rough last few days with work. Hopefully I'll be there around 6-6:30ish.

    Who else is going to make it to Al's tonight?

  7. Will be there. Need to tie. At least it stopped raining Ben. Maybe you'll be able to get back to Seattle without a headache.
  8. are there TVs at AL's? Red Wings playoff game on at 7:30....
  9. Trail Blazers meeting tonight unfortunately.

  10. I believe that they do, possibly multiple?
  11. Leaving for Al's.........Now!
  12. Ugh. My head hurts. It's wayy too early.
  13. I think I can make it tomorrow if it's happening. I have a cool old cosmetics case suitcase thing I want to outfit for a mobile tying box, need ideas. I'll bring it as well as my vise tomorrow if peeps are showing up.
  14. I might actually be able to make it tomorrow. What time you guys showing up?
  15. I'll be there around 6-ish, can't stay too long, though...Not going to tie, but I'll bring along the flies that I'm taking to the swap on Friday, to see what everyone thinks
  16. :eek:
  17. Yeah, that's right! But you never know :beer1:
  18. You should make an effort to get to Rancho Brava before closing,Ben.Maybe before Al's.
  19. Good call on the Rancho, I always forget on my way, so make sure to remind me when I first get to Al's (cuz I'm sure I'll forget again):D
  20. I might be down tomorrow for going to Rancho Bravo for dinner or getting some grub and bronging it back to Al's. Haven't had it in about a week and half.

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