Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Courtesy Flush, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Chris let's do it! What time can you meet at Rancho? Also, I can't fish Saturday, some guy is buying that playset in my back yard, and he's giving me $100 extra bucks to help him take it down and set it up at his place. Sunday will be my day to fish.
  2. If anyone has the Pelican box/Renzetti setup and is coming tonight, let me know. I have the perfect foam (free) to put in there to hold flies.
  3. I'm afraid I'm going to have to take a pass tonight. I worked 2 all-nighters earlier this week and it's come home to roost. Hopefully next week.

  4. Be happy you missed tonight.Chris's dog had terrible gas and we spent a good amount of time talking about a certain fly shop.
  5. whoever smelt it, dealt it! :ray1:
  6. Can't blame the dog. We were the ones that ate at Rancho.

    Chris, what time you heading to Rattlesnake tomorrow?
  7. Any of you guys going over to bainbridge tonight? I'll give you a call later on, but I'm probably going to take the 4:40 ferry, the next one leaves at 5:30.

    When: 6:30pm Friday May 15th, 2009
    Where: Doc's Marina Grill 403 Madison Avenue South Bainbridge Island
  8. Greenlake on Thurs. instead of Al's.

    Ben, you should get texting. Come on buddy, 21st century is knocking at the door.

    PS. I will supply booze.
  9. Done and DOne
  10. What's this about greenlake? I can get my leash to stretch that far (3 blocks) once in awhile. I may just be able to make one of these shindigs..
  11. Puma,what's this GL thing you talkin bout?
  12. Green Lake fishin'. Bring your toon or tube and kick around for some stockers on Thursday evening. I'm going to try to be there round 5 or so. Chris is bringing booze. I will have a few beers....
  13. Would someone figure out where we are meeting/launching from? I know very little about Greenlake.

    Lyle, it's that huge lake due north of you.
  14. Big suprise...I'm in! I need to find a cupholder-type thing for my toon by then.

  15. So I just called up the green lake park dept. 1. I had to explain to them what a "boat launch" is, and 2. No one could tell me where it might be, besides "near the water" Jeezus, talk about incompetent.
  16. Ben, get a fancy seat back rest that has a couple of storage pockets on the back and drink holders on each side like this... (holds bottles much better than cans)

    Or this fancy deal... if it will attach to your particular seat and you have room on the side

    Or a $2 plastic cup holder that you get at wal-mart's auto accessories duct taped, epoxied or velcro'd onto your frame in the location of choice.

    You do have two hands you know, one for the rod and one for the can.

    Where is this Green Lake place? I'm getting thirsty.
  17. I have fished GL quite a few times and the site above is easy to park and carry your toon or tube down to the lake. There is a gravel put in right there and close to the island where brown trout lay...

    ED see map above...
  18. Eric's posted spot (~nw corner) is a good one for access and fish - and if there is wind, this is usually the more sheltered side. That said, if the wind is from a different direction, you can park almost anywhere on the road(s) around the lake and walk 50' to put your tube in.
  19. Damn, Can't make this one! Maybe next time. I didn't even know there were fish still in GL! I still need to pick up some kind of inflatable fishing vessel too...Have fun out there, and try to not piss your waders!

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