Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Courtesy Flush, Nov 30, 2008.

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  2. Hell Yeah!!! Then I could row my toon, troll a bugger, AND drink a beer (actually 2 beers) at the same time...totally the ultimate experience.
  3. i want one!!!!
  4. I'll be there... with the Beerbelly. This thing has saved me a lot money at Mariners games.
  5. All that beer drinking you better invest in a beer recycling bladder to accept the recycled beer from your own bladder. Save a lot of time kicking back and forth to shore and timing your piss breaks in the woods so the unsuspecting public does not get a full monty.
  6. hey shaun, i'll one up ya.

  7. What the hell is that - a floating shitter?

    ~ sEAn
  8. why yes it most certainly is... for those times when going number one is just not enough!
  9. if its bright and sunny, expect to see me creepin around the banks spankin carp! probably get there about 4:30
  10. Anyone want to take an afternooon trip over to the middle fork of snoqualmie after work on Thursday? (that's tomorrow 5/20)

    I'm thinking about heading out of work around 3PM from the east side. I work in Bellevue and can pick someone up.

    I'm a beginner, but I promise I wont kick rocks upstream or bug you with a gajillion questions. Also, since i'm the newbie, I don't mind paying for gas. I'm headed out there anyhow.

  11. Jesse - the current conditions would be pretty brutal for trying to fish on the middle fork. Especially for a beginner. The water is high and probably dirty. Fishing doesn't get consistently good or easy up there until the water is below 1000 cfs (it's 3800 now) and cleans up a bit - usually after the 4th of July.

    By all means, go check it out though - just don't be discouraged if you have a rough outing.

    Keep watching the flows ( for a few low days with consistent weather - you can probably get in a few decent outings in the next couple months.

  12. Pity, I was keen to go to Al's and tie flies. Trying to meet up with a bunch of strangers at Green Lake=not so much.
  13. We kinda figure that the whole idea is to fish, not just talk about it all the time. Don't see what's so horrible w/ meeting strangers while fishing. If possibly you feel safer meeting a bunch of strangers at a dive bar, I'm sure we will all be there sometime soon. :beer2:
  14. Thanks much for the advice. Flows site is bookmarked now. Oh well, at least that'll give me a darned good excuse when I inevitably get skunked ;) I'll be sure to stick to shore. I figure I'll still head out, any day out there practicing some casts is a good one for me.
  15. It's not a matter of fear, not at all, it's about logistics and chatting. I can go fish GL any time I want, but to meet some of the ppl from the forum in a social setting would be a lot of fun. I don't tend to chitter chatter much when fitchin'. Plus, how does this work? Hop in your toob and kick around asking ppl if they are from the forum?:rolleyes:
  16. Be careful out there. And if you want to have an actual shot at catching fish, you might consider a local beach for sea run cutthroat and/or greenlake, or beaver lake, or the Samammish Slough.. Try out this site's search function - The middle fork isn't going anywhere.
  17. All, I'm the new guy and, where I come from, the new guy buys the gas and drives. The company supplied me with a brand new 4wd for the summer months I'll be here.

    I'm on my way home to VT but back June 1st - interested in SRC's, streams and float tube fishng lakes...
  18. Let us know when you are in town!!! You'll have a good chance of showing up a couple of us, (myself included)

  19. OK Allison, see if I've got this straight. You like to flyfish, you like to tie flies, you don't mind meeting strangers in public places, and you don't talk too much. Are you sure you're female?:rolleyes:
  20. Maybe a nice rallying point, like a sun shade canopy or something. Worked at Rattlesnake Lake. That way WWF members know to rally at a certain point to meet others from WFF. Be safe, good weather and tight lines.

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