Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Courtesy Flush, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Allison, a couple of thoughts of mine based on these posts and others of yours I have read on this are kind of a buzz kill. Plans change..come and hang or don't... We want to tie flies or fish, swear, call each other names that may offend some, drink beers and hang out with people that like to do the same. I kicked around Rattle Snake Lake for our WFF outing on Saturday and did indeed ask people if they were on the forum...big deal...and guess what, a lot of people were! And if they weren't I told them they should be. There will probably be 8 people floating around flyfishing on GL thursday and 7 of them will be us. not too hard.
  2. Ed, great idea!!! I actually have two sort-of-tent-things from work. I haven't taken them out of the box yet, but I think they are probably at least 8'x8', like the style that people use at outdoor fairs and such...Probably could make on a dedicated WFF tent. That way we can represent and anyone can easily find us, although upon finding and meeting us, they wish they wouldn't have. :thumb:
  3. I'm at least 75% certain.:thumb:
  4. Don't think that I will make it to Green Lake tomorrow. I have wayyyyyy to much stuff to finish up at the homestead, before this weekend. Good Luck out there guys, and have an extra beer or two for me. :beer2:
  5. I'll be there. Probably showing up between 6:30 and 7:30. That NW parking lot on Eric T's map should be a good spot tomorrow as the wind is supposed to be from the NNW.

    I paddled around in this area for 40 minutes Sun night and there were birds, bugs, a few trout rises/dimples (I think) and some carp rolling. I couldn't figure out what anyone was eating in time to hook anything. It's pretty shallow (4-8') and weedy between the launch and the island, beyond that it drops off a bit (to 10-15') so plan your lines accordingly. I'll be driving a green Caddis V-tube.

  6. I have my walk through tomorrow at 4 PM. I have no idea what's going on. SO you mighty have free beer but there's a possibility you might not have free beer.
  7. I have no flotation device Allison so that kind of leaves me out.If you want to meet at Al's that would be fine.Please leave all attitude at the door however.No need for such things.7pm seems about time enough for me to get from work to the bar.If i run a little late be patient.Feel free to tie
  8. Everyone's bailing out. That may include me as well. The wife wants to head up to Canada tonight instead of tomorrow.

    You guys have a good weekend, eh.
  9. "I hope you know, this isn't over...."


  10. that's some funny stuff right there!
  11. I believe the exact quote was"It's not over till I say it's over."
  13. Would any of you boys like to fess up to a prank call?
  14. Whats up? I leave for two weeks and Al's has been changed to GL. I guess the could be fun. Is Dukes still open? They have a patio and beerptyd
  15. naw man, just tonight. thought it would be fun to go fish, but i think basically everyone backed out anyway. There will be more Al's in the near future.
  16. Did anyone show up at GL tonight.If so how was done?
  17. I'm planning on being at Al's again next week...depending upon if the new pup is here by then:eek:

  18. even i can't wait for you to get your dog. man puppies are so damn awesome.

    check out pics of when neko was a puppy:




  19. How was Niko's gas as a puppy?Anything like last week?Maybe it was C.Flush.Love the "you just blew my mind pic."

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