Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Courtesy Flush, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. See how fat she was as a puppy? That's ALL gas. She was a walking time bomb.

    Ha. Nobody showed up? I would have def gone if I wasn't over analyzing my new property in a walk through. On a good note though from our roof there is an unobscure view of Rainier in it's entirety. With my luck they will build another space needle completely blocking the view rendering my property worthless.
  2. I think I was the only one who showed up. I was on the water from 7:30-9:00 and went 2 for 4. It was pretty slow until about 1/2 hour before dark when the surface activity started to heat up - tough to sort out from all the carp rolling though..

    If you guys want to try to do a fish - then bar - thing next week, I know a spot that holds some decent smallies over near the Nickerson St. Saloon. I haven't figured them out on the fly yet, but haven't seriously tried much either. It would involve wading in the ship canal.

    Maybe the start of a Seattle brownliners chapter..

  3. How's your puppy Ben?
  4. He got here at about 1:30 this morning!
  5. Great looking dogm. Did he pee on the fireplace yet?
  6. He peed right next to it twice, but not on it yet. In time, I'm sure he will. He was out chasing birds this morning and ripping up a tennis ball that he found underneath the deck. We are going to have our hands full with this guy!
  7. Back from Whistler.... world's biggest playground. One of these days, we should coordinate a "rideshare" up there. Or maybe further North towards Terrace BC. Anybody interested?

    Check out the pics from Alta Lake. Sorry, no fish porn. Only a couple bites from 3 hours of fishing. And since we're sharing puppy pics, here are a few of my guy this weekend.

    Ben, great looking pup! Is he going to make it to Al's this Thursday?
  8. Sean, looks like a nice time up there. I was actually in Squamish on Sat. I'm totally down for a rideshare to terrace, bc. Hopefully Chromer will accompany me to Al's. Retrievers really love the water, eh!
  9. Those are great pic's - congrats!! He looks like he's going to be huge!

    Is Al's a go this week?
  10. I'm in!!!
    Steel or trout?
  11. I just had an epic failure of massive proportion on my project. FML
  12. Project failure!

    Hope you’re not talking about a bridge or road way you signed off on. Dude, you’re freaking me out. I drive the Viaduct twice a day and always wonder if today will be the day it collapses. There’s a reason everyone drives 65 mph on that thing… they’re all scared shitless trying to get off it.
  13. Ha. No, fortunately not that type of failure.

    Well, the good news is that I found a solution to my problem. The bad news is that my solution has my freeway alignment running through your townhouse. The other good news is that it includes a massive park and ride to store a drift boat if you decide to buy one.
  14. Wait! CF
    I thought you bought that Aire that was for sale on this site - in E-BURG?????
  15. Sorry to hear about your town house C.Flush.I live right by the freeway and can assure you that after a couple of years the sound of the cars becomes less hellish.Is al's on tonight?
  16. I have another story related to threatening phone calls.
  17. I'm heading to Al's around 5 or so. Who else?

    Wait, what Aire are we talking about? I picked up a Fishcast IR 9 (subdivision of Aire/Outcast).
  18. In case anyone was thinking of heading to Al's, it's a no go tonight. Everyone's enjoying the sun or busy.

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