Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Courtesy Flush, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. These guys are crazy.I think I'll fish with them saturday.
  2. You forgot to mention Life is Good apparel. People who drive Subarus love Life is Good apparel along with other crunchy yuppie REI store brands.

    BTW I got sucked into the diet talk over dinner. I also was able to smell the Master Cleanse drink. It smelled OK but I refused to taste it before I ate my sushi.
  3. Wow, we have Mumbles posting on this thread! Seattle Rideshare is exploding!
  4. So, who was the turnout? I got stuck doing wedding stuff. Did you guy's have anyone walk-up and ask what the hell you were doing? Are there any plans for next Thursday?
  5. It was Ben, Lyle and myself. Nobody cared what we were doing. Not even a strange look. Some people seemed a little curious.

    I know I will be there again next Thursday with my vise again and possibly my dog...
  6. I'm there next Thursday w/ vise and no dog.
  7. Cool.. Count me in. Have you guy's decided on a day to fish the sauk?
  8. My only option this weekend is tomorrow (saturday), we were talking about hitting it in the AM. Sounds as though we might make a steelheader out of lylelovett666. We're still working out the details.
  9. Nice. I want to fish tomorrow but I need to be heading east with the family no later than 5-pm. So I'm not sure I could cram it all in.
  10. Wish I could join you guys tomorrow but I've got in-laws in town tonight and tomorrow. I'm going to try for Sunday.
  11. Chris, your mailbox is full. Call me when you get a chance, and I'll give you my address.
  12. When I get back from AZ. (snowbird) I would really enjoy meeting with others to fish, toss back a few, BS or all at once. Pretty new to the sport but always willing to go and mostly available anytime. Back in the Tacoma area around the first / second week of May and looking forward to doing some fishing.
  13. Look forward to meeting you when you get back to WA. May is coming soon
  14. I'm heading up to fish the Sauk at first light tomorrow morning, I can only fish until about 7:30ish. Chris, I can't stop thinking about that run that you showed us this morning. If anyone is up for going along then, let me know. I'm planning on leaving Shoreline by 5:00, sharp!
  15. Ben,please post a picture of the steelhead you caught this morning.
  16. Aww man, I forgot my camera. Actually, I forgot to set my alarm and didn't make it out, but I'm heading up there in about an hour.
  17. yes, 2 PM would work out great for me if i didn't wake up at 1:40 PM! wish i could go but it would be a wise decision on my behalf to stay around the hill today. good luck though ben. that run is so dead sexy.
  18. I don't think I've casted that much in the entire time I've been ffing.My right arm feels like it may fall off.Sadly I found my self looking at 7 & 8wt fly rods last night.The beginning?
    Thanks for my first steelhead outing boys.
  19. Definitely the beginning! Make sure the rods you were looking at have enough room on the grips for both hands!!! Had a great time myself, guys.
  20. The beginning of chronic repeat alcoholism is more like it! Quit while you're ahead. Heh.

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