Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Courtesy Flush, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Just wait - in a few months you'll get a grab for one of the summer run fish and then - it's all of but the cryin.

    See you at Al's around 5:30-ish
  2. Sauk tomorrow PM, anyone?
  3. What time are you thinking?
  4. I'm open to whenever, what works for you? I'd like to at least get a couple of hours of swinging in before dark.
  5. I might be able to get out of work around 3:30 tomorrow but I've got to put a plan together to get my permission slip approved (wife). I'll let you know tonight.
  6. Chris you better not be showing everyone those secrets spots I showed you with all the big fresh native fish in them...:D
  7. Never! You might not want to read this month's issue of Fly Fisherman magazine though...

    Post tarpon pictures!
  8. Chris & Ben,here's the salmon I was telling you guys about.
  9. So ugly and so beautiful at the same time...looks prehistoric
  10. Speaking of ugly beauty.... who's going to Al's tonight?
  11. No worries...Chris could have shown me a run with chrome stacked up like cord wood, but I'd still rip the hook out of their mouths due to my lack of experience and end up with 0 hooked, I suck at fishing
  12. I'M ON MY WAY
  13. Crap. Just got home. Didn't think anyone was going tonight.
  14. Sorry about tonight, I will be at Al's next week. I will be out of town, (not fishing) until wednesday night, so I'll at least need to BS about fishing for a while :beer1:
  15. Thanks for the heads up Ben.I had to talk to Todd for like an hour.Just kidding Todd.I'll be in Chile so I'll see you guys in a week or two.Get some steel while I'm away.
  16. Buahahahahahahahaha! I need a drink. :(

    When are you leaving? I wish I was going to Chile.

    Just so everyone knows, there will be some heavy road construction on I-5 N this weekend (involving lane closures). You might be sitting in traffic for 40 mins or longer. We were on I-5 south last night and the northbound traffic at 10 pm looked like hell.
  17. Chris, I just sent you a PM
  18. Hey,
    Just wondering what's up with Al's. A meet and greet type thing? I haven't dug through this whole thread, but I'm a West Seattler right now and am definitely into ride sharing. Though I'll warn you I'm currently carless, so I'd be sharing others rides.
    Let me know what's up with Al's if someone can.


  19. Don't worry Ben, I suck too. Seems a lot of us seattlites pretty much suck at steelheading.... hahahahaa! bawling:bawling:bawling:

    I am going to come meet you guys at some point at AIs or for some fishing. Been out of town the last couple of thursdays and heading to Montana for the weekend this thursday :thumb:, but will be around after that.
  20. It's just a good excuse ot drink some brew after work and bullsh*t our steelhead woes away. Also it provides me the motivation to get some flies tied.

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