Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Courtesy Flush, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. It really seems as though "Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare" has been more of a "Seattle Fly Fishing Story and Beer Time", than it has been about ridesharing, though there has been a bit of ride-sharing going on. Just find a ride to Al's on thursday and check it out
  2. That's right! have a killer time down there...Just hitch-hike to Pata. if you have to. We'll be anxious to hear all about it over some beers at Al's when you get back...
  3. Well, it was nice knowing all of you. I am officially stuck in the vortex of house shopping. We were already too slow on one place which we prepared a bid on so this looks like it could be a dragged out process.
  4. Well, at least you're doing it at the end of the season. Just be sure to close on your new home by the end of run-off.
  5. Who was planning on Thursday?

    I was thinking about fishing instead. Anyone interested?
  6. I'm plan to be at Al's for a few on thursday. I want to fish but "work" :beathead:

    5:30 anyone?:beer2:
  7. You have no time for fishing Chris.Must buy house.Life over.
  8. I was planning on going out after work. But ya the way this week is progressing, I might need severe intoxication on Thursday.

    Lyle, your avatar is freaking me out. It's wayy to creepy.
  9. It's clown meat.we all love clown meat.
  10. Are you guys talking Al's in Wallingford? I can't make it this week, but that's not too far from where I live, in general I could drop by. I'm in dire need of a few more fishing partners.

    Edit: looked upthread a bit--I should say I'll come if it's not gonna be all about the gay jokes. I'm not a redneck, that sh!t's a bit offensive.
  11. Allison, you sound like you need to relax a little girl.:clown: About 80-90% of your post seem about how you got yourelf offended my something minor that someone said. Don't take things to literally all the time and just learn to respect that there are people out there who think differently than you:eek::rolleyes:

    I got a great idea for you, this would be a once in a life time experiance to enjoy a day (or two) of fishing with someone, that thinks differently than you.:D A rare chance to get out of your comfort zone. Start by checking this thread out:

  12. What gay jokes?Yes we all meet at Al's and tell gay jokes but they all revolve around fly fishing.We talk about our "rods" and doing things with jungle cock.:clown:
  13. I see a flaming a comming captain:rolleyes: Prepar evasive actions gentlemen cuz' the storm is on the rise:D
  14. Seriously Allison,relax.I think if you drop by Al's you'll find some good people who are open minded enough to make fun of everyone and everything and even themselves.A few beers,fish stories,some humor.Drop on by some time.Bring a joke about breeders if you like.Everyone gets a sympathy laugh on their first joke.
  15. Actually, my invite for a ride over to Rocky Ford Creek goes to all the extremely uptight politically correct dudes and dudets on this board too. I think It would be a very beneficial experience for you to spend some time with someone like me, you know someone who has absolutely no idea what being politically correct is like.:eek: You might actually learn how not to be such a bigot and to develop a more accepting tolerance of folks who are/think different than you are.:D Yes, I did say you might be able to learn how to accept people for who they are.:thumb:

    P.S. This experience would most likely result in getting thicker skin.
  16. Guys, as anyone who actually knows me can attest, my skin is perfectly thick. Don't get your BVDs in a tangle there.
  17. There we go:D Pardon me for a sec, but I ain't into all that cell phone texting stuff. What I mean is you need to explain what "BVDs". I'm not used to not using complete words:thumb:
  18. Dude, google is such a pain in the ass, I always get all this useless crap. Oh, and for your info how do you know I wear BVDs? What if I go commando, or employ the use of a French speedo.

    I'm glad to see that "info for the people by the people and changed to suit the people" is still a relliable source of info:D
  19. Good.See you at Al's Allison.

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