Seattle Fly Fishing Rideshare?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Courtesy Flush, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. You guys are funny. gees
  2. Yeah, I'll be there, not this week (going to see "George" @ the 5th Ave) but soon. Is there enough light in Al's to tie?
  3. Yes to tying.Ben and Chris have tied at Al's with no problems.
  4. Allison:
    As I'm getting ready for my trip this morning Allison, I went through my usual routine of reading the news in the morning. I just happened to stumble across this article and it reminded me of something;) Now think about why some people might tell jokes about these guys/gals and why it is ridiculus to get offended for them. As much chicks like this one annoy the living hell out of me, she still has a right to believe what she wants to, but this "judge" thinks differently and punished her for her beliefs. Keep in mind that this young lady did not say anything agressive or offensive; she just answered the question honestly. And I suppose this dude, Perez, is probably somebody who yammers away at be tolorant and accepting of others:thumb:
  5. As I am, you are making an issue out of nothing. It's really not that big of a deal.

    Allison, the people who made those gay jokes aren't even those who hangout at Al's. /issue

    Lyle, when are you leaving? I don't remember if I asked you this already.
  6. Today at 2:00.Good luck swingin for houses Chris.Hope you're better at house hunting than steelheading.Haha.

    As I Am, lets not get all tangled up in politics.Fish.
  7. Chris and Lyle:
    I was just goofing off, I really don't care about it at all. I guess I need to work on phrasing my sarcasm a little bit better, so that folks can understand when I'm just playing around. I just thought the article was humorous that's all and that it might have fit with a coment last night. I was't trying to get all political man.

    Piece out dudes and dudets
  8. Hey Trent. No prob. The internet doesn't really translate sarcasm well. Usually people get offended. 9 out of 10 WFF dramas are caused by this.
  9. Yeah, for sure, our only problem was that the tying really slowed down the drinking, so my beer got warm.
  10. Geezus, I am out of town for not even a week, haven't posted on this thread for only about 3 or 4 days, and now there's talks of gay's, bvd's, and still no steelhead reports. Al's is definitely gonna be needed...SOON!
  11. Looking at more houses tonight. Might not be at Als until 8 or 9.

    Is anyone going to be around this weekend?

    Went to Mariners last night. They got so owned. Ridiculously crappy weather.
  12. I'll be in @ Al's around 7-ish. Probably not gonna be tying, just drinking.

    Who else is stopping in tonight?
  13. Ben, I will be there. Most likely around 5:30 or so.
  14. I'll try to push my time closer to 6...

    Aren't you getting married soon?!?!
  15. I'm ordering tortas and tamales from Rancho Bravo on Cap Hill as I type this!
  16. Another no-show for me. I called in sick to work on Tuesday to hit the Sauk and now I'm paying for it. Who's fishing this weekend!?
  17. I'm thinking today is my day to pop my Rancho Bravo cherry, before Al's
  18. Any success?
  19. Nope. It wasn't an easy day fishing. I couldn't get to some of my favorite spots because of the high water. It had a lot of color to it as well.

    But damn, was it gorgeous out there.
  20. Do you wanna chase trout later in the day tomorrow (saturday)? Maybe upper Yakima?

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