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  1. Hi Folks,

    Which floating, weight-forward line can be used for heavy nymph rig fishing with 9 and 10 weight rods?

    Typically, I use Rio Indicator Lines up to WF8F. But this line seems to top out at weight 8. I would like to load 9 and 10 weight rods with nymph rigs. Does anyone know which line might be suited for nymph fishing 9 and 10 weight rods?

    Thank you, Chris.
  2. I would get SA Textured GPX floating. I use GPX Sharkskin WF7F for big junk and love it. Textured is less annoying though.
  3. Check out the Airflo Speydicator.
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  4. The description sounds about right for my kind of dredging in those situations.

    Can the line be used with a single handed rod?

    Do you match the weight class with the weight of the rod or do you under-load it or over-load it?

    Thanks, Chris.

  5. You're definitely going to want to underline for a sh rod. Probably by at least two weights. You should also know the line is HUGE and probably won't fit on your current reel without cutting off a portion of the running line.
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  6. You can do the same thing with the Rio "Switch" line. The original "Switch" line does a great job with that kind of thing and it's fairly easy to get the right size, by going down 2 full sizes: (the 7/8 switch should be consider a 9/10 single hand line.) Since it's made up to a 8/9, you should be able to line single hand rods up to 11 weights.
    Underachiever is right though, like the Speydicator, all lines like this take up a large amount of room since they are both fatter and carry a longer belly.
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  7. Thanks for these astute insights, folks. Actually, I think I need to get a few different weights of switch rods. I could switch those lines on single handed rods and switch rods. Considering all thy nymph fishing and mending I do (90%), this seems like a good development for me. I never really thought of that before --- even for trout, a new experience for me.

    Gotta go get some rods, lines and reels in the next year or so...

    Thanks so much for these keen insights.


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