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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Donato, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Any one up for a trip to the seeps lakes this weekend if the wether and wind cooperate? I'm off on Fri and may take Thur off also. Its been a while since I fished them but some good fishing can be had in most of them with the added chance to catch some nice holder-overs. I plan to camp there and hit 5 or 6 of them if possible. Coyote hunting and gun shooting could also be added to this trip. A good place for bird watching and hiking. I know we talked about this in another thread but now its time to shit or get off the Pot, so to speak.
    I would love to have Bill Warner show us how to fish these lakes, he knows that area real well.
    I may have room for a fellow fishermay to share this rare adventure. Powerbait and cheap whiskey tolerated.
  2. It will have to be towards the end of April before I can get free. Heart/ Windmill Lake will have a large accessible (free) camping area with an outhouse.
  3. I am up for at least a day of it, if not overnight, with the variable "depending on which weekend." I would love to learn about those lakes.

  5. Wayne,
    It looks like the weather will be iffy this weekend, windy with a chance of rain. I'l be up for it on another weekend for sure.
  6. I'm free the weekend of the 12-15 Friday thru sunday

  7. The weather is a little "breezy" today and not my idea a good time fishing. Good call on canceling out.
  8. Last night it rained and today is back to a tad less than "breezy".
  9. It started not breezy but the wind is much worse than yesterday here in the Tri. Planned on going to Lenice, glad I bagged that idea.

  10. Wind picked up later in the day and was in the 30-40 mph range.
  12. Bass,
    That could work for me. Need to check if my neighbors will watch my dogs and what the weather will be like Fri-sun. I live real close to you, thrashers corner area.
  13. im down, as of right now i talked to peyton00 who is another user and he was down for lenice and camping. i have never fished seeps before other than moses for bass, but im sure we could make the drive there instead if he is cool with it
  14. Daughter has volleyball north of Spokane on Sunday. Talked her and wife into going on Sunday morning instead of the night before, leaving me Sat to fish. Today I found out my son has tennis tournament on Fri and Sat. So I am out this weekend. This should be the end of weekend sports for this school year.

  15. Weather is looking like it clears up but is going to be fairly breezy
  16. Bass,
    I can't take this Fri off but I have the next one off, so 19-21 looks good for me if the weather is good. Breezy is a bad word in E. WA. Spent too many days watching white caps from the truck. Breezy and rain sucks even more especially with the cost of gas to get there. The weather this weekend is a little iffy. I still want to fish these lakes so hopefully the weather will cooperate.
  17. im bagging the trip, supposed to be highs of 50 with lows in the 20-30's at night. fugghgedaboutit. just probably go play hockey all weekend
  18. Looks like "breezy" over here for the next 5 days or so.
  19. Best be getten that garage wired Bill, so you can fish with me next weekend at the seeps.

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