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  1. There were some old fly fishing magazines being passed out at last night fly club meeting. I happened to grab the September 2001 issue as it had some small fly articles and also the daphnia article by Larry Tullis about the daphnia cluster fly.

    Imagine my surprise when I started reading the dry fly articles and found one on "Fishing Small Dry Flies" by a Trapper Badovinac of Montana. Guess he occasionally gets a break from cooking to fish. An article well worth reading.
  2. Trapper is both a writer of magazine articles and author of books.

    He's too humble to mention it.
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  3. Seems as if he cooks as well as he writes (or perhaps vice versa)!

    After seeing his food pictures in the Sea Chickens thread, I'd be headin' to his place for the SB if he wasn't so darned far away!
  4. I'm glad you liked the article. I'm not sure which magazine it was in, but I'm thinking that was Fly Fisherman or Fly Rod and Reel. Most of the articles I wrote for Northwest Fly Fishing, Southwest Fly Fishing, and Eastern Fly Fishing were "where to" articles.

    I guided both here in Montana and Colorado for several years and then began writing articles. I found cooking for outfitters in the backcountry a lot of fun as I like riding horses and I ended up fishing more. That led to two fly fishing books and then a novel, Wounded Knights, which just came out. I'm publishing the fiction under my given name Patrick Badovinac.

    I suck at self promotion. It's just not my style. But, if you have questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

    Trapper "Patrick" Badovinac
  5. Pretty cool beans Trapper.

    The people on this site and the talent they bring never ceases to amaze me.
  6. Trapper came out to talk to the 4th Corner Fly Fishers a few years back. You all need to check out his books as they are very impressive-lots of great information and excellent photography! (In fact, he is as good with a camera as he is cooking or writing!) I got to spend a day with him in my drift boat on the Sauk and Skagit after his presentation and he is just a lot of fun to spend time with! If any fly clubs out there want an excellent speaker, get in touch with Trapper! I will be checking out his new book soon. Rick
  7. Well you just did a decent job of it, because you just sold another copy of your book. :D

    The kindle version is only 99 cents, by the way. Small price to pay to support my WFF brethren.
  8. Why the pen name? You got something to hide or something :D

    (too late! everyone wave to the NSA)
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  9. LOL, you may suck at self promotion, but not at stream promotion. Your kiss and tell articles have literally ruined spots. Good work.
  10. Which streams? It depends on the stream as to if it was previously unknown. I targeted well known fisheries when I was writing flyfishing articles. I didn't like writing the where-to articles but unfortunately, I was trying to make money with my articles and most of the publications only accept where-to these days. Because.... that's what people want to know and the reason they buy the magazine.

    Nontheless, I only wrote about fisheries that were already well known.

    The last where-to article I wrote was in regards to East Lake. East is not exactly an unknown fishery so I had no problem writing about it.

    Besides, someone can learn more places to fish by cruising the Internet than buying a magazine. Again, it depends on what fishery is covered in the article. There are places I fish I don't even mention here. These days, the only reports I post are in regards to hatchery supported fisheries or private bass lakes.

    I'm pretty sure fishing reports made in web sites have much more to do with over crowding of little known fisheries than magazine articles.
  11. As someone who has been accused of "kiss and tell" on the internet, it is a fine line between being honest and helpful and ruining a spot because of overfishing. But my feeling is that promoting the Missouri, Big Hole or Madison is not going to ruin a place that is already over run with fishers. I know Trapper (and I BTW) have spots we only take our friends to. I will help anyone who wants to fish the Methow, but you won't find me telling about those special little spots that just my friend and I enjoy. Next time I'm in Montana, I will get in touch with Trapper, and I'm sure we will go somewhere that none of the magazine articles talk about.

  12. I did not create this thread as a venue of bashing this writer. But to spin what you said it appears you are confirming he is an accurate and truthful writer.
  13. Ah, Mr. Hart. I was wondering when you would show up.

    I wish you the best Ben.

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  14. Rick, I presented to a lot of FFF and TU clubs over the years, but few showed me the hospitality of your club. I still remember what a great day we had on the river. And sure, if you find yourself in my country, we'll go scare some trout.

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  15. That .99 cent eBook sale won't last long. I think it expires on Feb 1.

  16. Rick, remember this?

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  17. That's a great picture Trapper, me and Bill Hall in front of my drift boat. Last year I took Bill at age 86 on a float on the Skagit in January. Had to help him in and out of the boat but he never complained of the cold and can still throw a spey cast! Rick
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  18. I've presented to a few clubs myself now and the night I presented to the 4th corner club is the night the I-5 bridge went down. Those guys (and gals) were great, right as I was about to start, my wife called my phone but I ignored it. I started my presentation and it buzzed a few more times. After the 4th time, I started to worry a little bit. The president of the club walked up and let me know what was going on and the whole club quickly agreed that it was ok for me to stop the presentation to get home if I wanted too. Knowing that there was nothing I could do about an out bridge, I agreed to a quick break to call my wife to assure her that I was still alive.
    Besides the understanding, they were attentive, honestly interested, they asked great questions, and I think only one old guy fell asleep in the back!

    Zen, nice job promoting for Trapper, I'm looking at purchasing a book myself now!
  19. Just dl'ed Wounded Knights to my Kindle. Lookin' forward to reading it!
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