Setting hook on carp ???

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  1. I went out a couple days ago and had five carp suck my fly into their mouth, only for me to pull it right out with absolutely no resistance at all! I usually get a little lip, or hook up. Was it my hook, hook set too fast...? :confused:

    Also, for the entire day I didn't see one tail-tipper, I fished til it was dark. There were a few (very few) sloshing in the shallows along the bank though.

    Could they still be in spawn? They were kinda cruising, one big one with either two or three smaller ones that followed the bigger one around. <- Are those the males chasing the females?

    Oh, and they didn't seem as easily spooked either, which I thought was odd. They had to be in spawn...didn't they?

    The only saving grace was, that I was finally continuously successful (if you can call it that) at getting "cruisers" to chase my fly. I can get a few now and then, but every one of the five takes, was on a cruiser.
  2. Some are still spawning. As for hook set . . . strip set when you feel resistance/see a take. Lifting your rod does just what you experienced, plus it spooks the carp. If you miss with a strip set, you're still in the right area. Water has been so high down here that it's tough to see tailers.
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  3. The spawn thing depends on where and when your fishing. It's all water temp driven. I saw more smallmouth on beds than ever last weekend and this is late for that number of fish to be on beds. They were big boys not young bucks coming in a day late and a dollar short just practicing. Carp spawn should be winding down but I saw signs of that too. This heat should have them wrapping it up in short order.
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  4. Okay, that's probably it. The funny thing was, I did the "typical" trout set - and when I missed, I flailed my arms in the air in total disbelief (after the fourth miss)... and the fish didn't move. She just laughed at me, and sloooowly swam away. Stoopud carp
  5. Well put. Slow strip until you feel the slightest tension, and then give it to them with a quick short strip. If you pinned it, then lift the rod and set again.
    Even though fish are spawning, don't let that put you off. Even fish that are in the heat of spawn will eat once in a while. I have been getting lots of fish that are following spawners and feeding on the invertebrates that get booted out of the mud when the spawning fish are thrashing. They can be tough to see in that aggregated water, but they are actively eating. I got a solid mirror the other day (along with 10 or so commons and a hybrid common/mirror) on my favorite local flat.

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  6. Spot on. I was taught to avoid spawning carp, but have had my best carp year so far stalking up on spawning carp and waiting until a loner peels off the daisy chain, or spot an active feeder in the midst of the spawners. It's supposed to hit one hundred and four here today, so maybe I'll go hit some flats to stay cool today. I've been seeing tench show up, and even caught one Sunday.
  7. The trout sets will kill you every time. A well practiced strip set will serve you better on a multitude of species, even big trout.

  8. Yep. I do that with big trout, but never realized it with carp. I'm sort of a begginer for carp. Just figured I could (or rather, had to) set the hook fast.

    Thanks for the tips fellas!

    P.S. trip, I saw one carp that looked just like your avatar on that same outing.
  9. Let's go carpin' guys (and gals, if interested)?
  10. Didn't make it out today. Too hot, and had too much to do once it cooled down. Maybe first thing in morning

  11. Tench!? No way! I caught about a 3 or 4 lbr several years back, got that slime on my waders.... I swear, it never came off. Someone could get rich turning that stuff into some sort of waterproofing material. If I catch another one of those, I'm cutting the line! :eek:

    However, not until I've fought it for a while. It was kinda fun. But I'm still cutting the line. :D
  12. If you think Tench slime is sticky, try carp spawn. If we could bottle the goop around those thousands of miniscule eggs, we'd have some great adhesive (well, except for the odor on hot days). One more day of work, then time to try some new patterns in & around the forecast wind.
  13. I've caught three tench so far, and haven't noticed any slime. I think they're less slimy than trout. But of the four species I landed the other day(tench,carp,trout, and squawfish), the sqauwfish was nasty. I couldn't get the slime off my hands, then it got all over my cork. I washed and washed. Worst fish slime ever.
  14. I'm intrigued by these tench...I really want to catch one now. Tell me more!
  15. Tench look like a cross between a small mouth bass and a carp (I think). You can find them in just about any places a trout will be, and they eat just about the same stuff. Except Tench don't eat minnows I don"t think. Some are brown, some are golden brown-ish, some are black.

    That's all I got. Oh, and my experience has been, that they like to stick together in schools (sort of).
  16. Good to know. I caught a small one in the Sammamish Slough the other day, and something told me I didn't really want to touch it. Luckily it was on a wooly bugger and it was easy too unhook it.

    I'm glad to catch any fish, but man those things are ugly.
  17. Next time, make sure you toss those up in the bushes. They are enemy #1 of all salmon/steelie/trout fingerlings.
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