Seven Devils

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  1. Packed into Seven Devils in Idaho with horses and mules in late August. My first pack trip. Used to do a lot of backpacking but getting too old for heavy packs and thought I'd try this. Good part was we could take float tubes. Bad part was ridding horse - sore butt and thighs. Seven Devils is a rugged area where trails are very steep and lots of sharp and loose rocks. Need good boots and even hiking with day packs can be tiring due to elevation between 7-8,000 ft.

    There is a loop trail of about 24 miles than has many spur(side) trails into a number of lakes(20-30). It is very popular with horse packers and backpackers. Most of the lakes contain rainbow or cutthroat trout. A few are barren. IDFG stocks some of the lakes with rainbows every 3 years. The cutthroat are self-reproducing.

    We fished in 8 lakes. Some contained many fish but were all small(6-12"), others contained fewer fish but were bigger(14-20"), one had many average fish(10-14") and one had no fish. The fishing could be much better if IDFG would adjust their management regulations. Currently, they allow a 6 fish limit with no restriction on gear or bait. If they just halved the limit and designated a couple of lakes to single hook/catch and release it would make a difference. All and all a great trip despite my ineptitude with a horse. IMG_1478_1.JPG IMG_1481_1.JPG IMG_1484_1.JPG IMG_1492_1.JPG IMG_1506_1.JPG IMG_1509_1.JPG IMG_1511_1.JPG IMG_1515_1.JPG IMG_1519_1.JPG IMG_4323_1.JPG
  2. Looks like a great time thanks for sharing
  3. Never been into seven devils, but I grew up taking pack trains into the wilderness areas above twisp and winthrop. Thanks for sharing.
  4. That place is beautiful!! Went there several years ago, but unfortunately didn't do any fishing. :( I'll never forget how pretty it is!
  5. Very tugged indeed. I backpacked the entire loop a few years ago with my wife (before kids).

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