Seyno Wire Questions

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Stonefish, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. I wanted to get some feedback and input on this wire before I start tying for salmon this summer.
    I like that it is offered in different colors.
    I have a few questions about it that I'm hoping others that have used it can answer.
    Anything in particular you like or dislike about it?
    Are you using the standard or thin for your salt patterns? If the standard, do you find it too stiff?
    Lastly, how is it after you land a fish. Does it get kinked or bent?

  2. i have used it for my fresh water stuff and like it. have not really had any problems with it bending after a fish. i just use the standard. i have not yet used it for salt but i would also use the standard. most of the flies i tie with a stinger i like it to stay up in the material. such as my large craft fur clousers and squid patterns. as for stuff lie Gary Marston's polychete worm i like fireline do to the fact that it is a flexable when wet and alows for a little more movment in the fly.
  3. This stuff is awesum!! Been using it since it came out..Small drop of uv knot sense to keep the hook in place and yer good to go.....
  4. I appreciate the input.
    I was hoping someone had used it in the salt and could give me some feedback on it.
  5. I've tied a ton with it, but all Intruder style, and havn't tested any of the flies on fish!!! I do like it though.
  6. I too have used the standard in fresh water. Fish don't seem to damage the wire, at least the few I've caught... Planning to try it with my stinger clousers this fall.
  7. so i have ben playing with it and it would do fine in the salt on my part. though it is wire it is coated thick and should do fine as far as the rust factor goes.
  8. All,

    What's your experience with FireWire vs Seyno?

  9. I have used fireline for years and its great for wanting flexible flies. Also great for the salt do to it wont rust. My only problem is it can get to flexible for stinger style flies. Senyo's is great for stinger flies do to it being a wire its stiff and holds the hook back up in the material. But not great when you what movement in you body.

    For stinger style flies like large clousers and big swing flies i use Seyno's.
    Worms and jointed baitfish i use Fireline.

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