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  1. I was curious as to what is the highest up the SF Snoqualmie anyone has caught a brook trout? I caught one this morning around mile marker 46-46.5 which is a couple plus miles higher than I've ever encountered one before.

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  2. I have caught a good number them above the Denny Creek area, last fall I would say that my Brook Trout catch rate in the DC area was 4 or 5 to one over any other Trout.
  3. The highest that I have seen them is about halfway up Tinkham Rd. I've caught a lot of fish above that stretch, but not a single Brook Trout.
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  4. Wow that's really surprising to me. I fish up that way more than any other stretch of the SF by a long shot and I've never caught a brookie up there. Past Denny Creek, I mostly find Westslopes. Gotta try harder I guess... :p
  5. I am not completely sure because I do not keep a log on the SF but it seems like I have seen an increase in brookies from ext 41 up over the last two years.
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