SF Sno report (AKA: Best day EVER!)

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  1. I'm pretty new to the fly fishing game...been at it just over a year. So far I've been skunked in the salt for the 5 or 6 times I've tried, and my luck in the rivers hasn't been much better; although I did manage to pull in a little cutty from the Taylor last year. Now, in my defense, I don't get a whole lot of time on the water, given that I'm a full-time dad to a 16-month-old, but I have to say that I was starting to doubt my abilities (or at least the trout-holding capacity of our local rivers).

    All that changed today.

    I had a few hours free, so I decided to hit up my favorite stretch of the SF. Popped into Orvis in Bellevue to grab a pair of neoprene socks so I could wet-wade, and then bee-lined up the 90. I was a little bit disappointed when I arrived at my spot, as there were a bunch of other vehicles parked there, but it proved to be a non-issue. I had the whole stretch to myself.

    I slathered myself up with a little sunscreen, and then started my march up the river. I hit up all sorts of 'fishy' looking spots; under branches, bottoms of riffles, deep pools, etc., but I wasn't getting much action. Things started to heat up as I moved up the river. Eventually I found a couple of deeper pools where I was getting strike after strike, but no hook-ups. I finally managed to get a fish on, but alas, the dink managed to shake my fly. I wondered whether I was throwing too large a fly (#14) so I stepped down to a 16 to see if my luck would improve. In fact, it seemed like the strikes were fewer. I eventually got to a point where I thought I needed to turn back, so I swapped out back to a #14 caddis and started my way back downstream.

    Well what can I say. Another day on the river turned into the best fishing day of my life.

    I hit the same pools where I'd been getting fruitless strikes earlier, but now it seemed like I couldn't lose. I managed to get this little brookie to hand, along with a few other dinks:

    But then, as I was making my way back to the car, it happened...I dropped my fly into a seem and saw a quick flash, and then I realized I had one of those mythical SF fish on the line!

    When I look at the picture in retrospect, the fish doesn't seem that large. But then I remind myself where it was caught. I feel like I landed a trophy! He certainly put a bend in my 3wt.

    As I made my way back towards the car I made a few more casts and had a few more strikes, and another brookie to hand, but I eventually lost my fly to the current and decided to call it a day.
    Maybe to some it may seem to be run-of-the-mill. But as a novice angler, bringing 5 fish to hand (even if they are mostly dinks) in one afternoon is enough to fuel a lifetime of passion for this sport!
  2. That's five pretty fish and one of them bigger than average by a stretch. A good day for any one. Glad it finally worked for you. You'll have many lesser days and some even better. The best reason to go fishing is to see what may happen. For me fishing has always been a perpetual string of occasions to hope.
  3. Niiiiiice! Where is this? I'd like to try there. I'm new to fly fishing also,I've been going the the cedar river and will try again this weekend.
  4. @ICHI I was on the south fork of the Snoqualmie.
  5. I'm from California and have fished snoqualmie, but what part is south fork?
  6. Get a map, it can do wonders for your fishing.

  7. It is south of the middle fork. ;)
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  8. Isn't the middle fork for the entrée and the south fork for the salad? I can never remember.

    Start with the DeLorme Washington Atlas and Gazetteer and then buy more detailed local maps on site as possible or necessary.
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  9. Nice report Munro, and thanks for sharing your best day, sounds like a great day for anyone, no matter how long they've been at it.
  10. Very nice Munro, I really enjoy that river system myself. Thanks for sharing.
  11. The slow start could have had nothing to do with technique and all to do with timing. I find that if I get to that river in particular too early the fishing won't be very good, then it will turn on like a light in mid afternoon.
  12. Awesome report! Later in the day (5pm til dusk) the dry fly fishing up there really picks up. Could have been the time of day for your change in success rates.

    And to that guy that asked: the South Fork is the one that follows i90. The Middle and North Fork are obviously north of this. Grab a Gazetteer from barnes and noble or something and spend a few hours looking thru it. Your fishing ideas will explode. Good luck!
  13. used to enjoy it up there, very nice
  14. Since Al Gore invented the internet paper maps have become obsolete......Google Maps has revolutionized scouting rivers from your couch. I have even seen Google satellite pic's of people fishing on a river...hope that wasen't their secret hole :cool:
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  15. That rainbow is a really nice fish for that water. It is indeed a trophy sized fish for that water.

    #14 EHC is my go-to dry fly for the South Fork.

    Nice work!
  16. Nice report and congratulations on a successful outing. The second fish a great sized fish for that, and any, fork of the Sno.

  17. Nice Rolex!
  18. Unless you're looking at the Sky basin where the Sky and many of its tribs are mislabeled as Snohomish. Must say though, the only major inaccuracy I've seen with Google maps... my application depends on it.
  19. I have seen a few errors with river names or park boundaries in google. I also look at bing maps to compare the two. The other benefit of looking at the bing and google maps is they are taken at different times of year so you get to see various river levels hence exposed sandbars. Although I have not used the apple maps I have heard they offer yet a 3rd view/time of year.
    On the Sky I have zoomed down and seen pullouts along the river with cars parked where people were obviously park to go down and fish.
  20. I have the Natgeo disc set of the whole USA. But I do use Bing and Yahoo and a few others. Can't have enough maps if you want to fish in out of the way places.

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