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  1. And my .357 so I could shoot myself in the leg with it trying to get it out of its holster in a hurry!


  2. They attack from behind and sink their teeth deep across the back of the neck. If you survive that, your only hope is a knife....... or, better yet Richard Olmstead's calm persuasive reasoning. ;)

    "24 January. Hiking on Brown Creek Trail in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park sometime before 3:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon in Humbolt County about 40 miles north of Arcata, California, 70-year-old Jim Hamm was attacked by a two- to three-year-old, 68 pound, female cougar as it crept up from behind. The lion pounced on him near the end of a 10-mile hike. Jim was trailing his wife when the big cat attacked. He heard a strange crunch behind him. When he turned to look over his shoulder, he saw a mountain lion right behind him. The cat pounced from a run. Jim dropped his shoulder and twisted, and the cat shot past him. But in a flash, the cat charged again and jumped toward Jim Hamm's raised arm, knocking him down and pinning him face down on the trail. "
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  3. Brian's presentation was fascinating and I came away from it less concerned about a potential encounter than before. Strange coincidence: One of his slides was an aerial photo with a scattergram of dozens of feeding sights (he can tell when the cougar hovers around one spot for >24hrs rather than roaming). It was of a creek basin where I had fished on Tuesday evening...
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  4. This is the best mountain lion attack page I've found;


    . The youth was attacked by a mountain lion and drug 200 yards uphill before being killed. The 130 pound boy clutched at vegetation and uprooted brush as the lion drug him to the killing ground. Though just a few hundred yards from high school, any of Scott's screams for help went unheard. The lion was found three days later still feeding on the boy

  5. Here's another FUN FACT I just read from http://wdfw.wa.gov/living/cougars.html

    Cougar attacks on humans are extremely rare. In North America, roughly 25 fatalities and 95 nonfatal attacks have been reported during the past 100 years. However, more cougar attacks have been reported in the western United States and Canada over the past 20 years than in the previous 80. In Washington, of the one fatal and fifteen nonfatal attacks reported here in the past 100 years, seven attacks occurred during the 1990s.

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  6. No way that is a cougar...notice the distinct lack of the spike heel impression!
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  7. More Squatch than anything, really. Did you make any calls or knocks?
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  8. Very sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my best dog (Brown Lab and Belgium Sheppard mix) of all times 4 years ago to cancer. He loved fishing with me. I now have 3 dogs, but all 3 of them do not equal the big boy we had to put down.

    Here's to hoping you get a new dog soon. Life without a dog can be dull.

  9. He can use whatever excuse he wishes. It is his money and his god given American right.
  10. Did anybody think that it could of been a Lynx. This is one hard cat to see out in the woods.
  11. Yup, cougar for sure. About 53, 5' 7", 145 lbs with a slight hitch in her giddy-up.
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  12. Here we go,I always carry a pepsi or a packet of honey with me as I'm more likely to go into a diabetic coma than be attacked any critter in the woods. In fact I have given up all hope of being attacked by a crazed pack of nude nimpomaniacs while fishing in this lifetime...
  13. Never give up!
  14. While I certainly keep eyes and ears open for any and all predators - two-legged being orders of magnitude more likely than four - I'm more thrilled than scared that there are lions and lynxes and bears in them thar woods!
    That said, this story in the Seattle Times a few years ago certainly raised some hairs on the back of my neck...http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2014261221_cougars18m.html
  15. Better yet, buy a new fly rod!!!!
  16. My, my. How judgmental and sanctimonious of you.
  17. Circa 1990, I saw an adolescent cougar( still had a few spot)s but was good sized, about 3/4 the way up to Ebey Lake.
    Only cougar I saw in the 27 years of fishing the westslopes of the Cascades. Encountered a dripping wet adult cougar which had just waded across Rock Creek, MT.
    I did see a Lynx dash across the road back in the 1980's along the S.F. Sauk River near Monte Cristo which was cool.
    I worry more about Grizzily Bears in Yellowstone although the wolves are becoming numerous in northern Idaho where I now do most of my fishing.
    One's chances of being attacked aren't zero but it isn't something I would concern myself with.
    A hand gun isn't likely to do one any good should a cougar truly set it's heart on taking you down.
    It would happen so suddenly that there wouldn't be any significant reaction time.
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