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  1. First time thread post here . . .

    . . . Wondering if anyone out there has any tips on nymphing the SF of the Stillaguamish near Granite Falls. I am heading up river after work tonight at 6pm to try my hand at a few spots that look intriguing on a map. I have never waded any parts of the SF before. So if you have any suggestions of where to go or what to rig up please let me know. I am bringing both a 5 and 6 wt setup with my nymph and dry fly boxes.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. be ready for very clear water - almost unlimited viz in most cases
  3. dont be surprised if you find Mr Steelface in the darker shadier areas :)
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  4. Where ever you can gain access above Verlot you should be good to go. Or at the Blue Bridge.
  5. Thanks, Old Man. I talked a buddy into coming out with me about an hour ago. He had some luck on Pilchuck Creek yesterday, caught a decent size cutty. I'll let you guys know how we do.
  6. Black ehc.
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  7. Can't remember which it is but one of the pilchucks is closed.

    As for the sf stilly it gets better through august/sept
  8. The creek is open the river isn't.
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  9. Waded just below the bridge around 7:45 pm. Got a late start but the river looked great. We saw something roll just down river from the bridge so my buddy laid down some drys. Didn't get too much time on the water. No action at all. Regardless, great day to get out and work on some casting.
  10. And into the evening also
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  11. There is a nice little spot just past Verlot. I pulled the steelhead in my avatar out of that hole. One of my favorite little spots to fish.
  12. Such a great looking river, but I've never had much luck for anything larger than 8". Love fishing it though. SF's not you, it's me. give me hope.
  13. Just took a trip to the SF Stilly, still pretty high and fast. Threw small dries for anything that would bite, and had almost no luck. Here's our one landed fish (played some others). Beautiful scenery though!

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  14. Try the evening up above Silverton. Always had good luck up there when I fished it. Or the S/F of the Sauk from Monte Cristo lake up stream.
  15. Jim goto bed.stop muttering gibberish!! Ain't no fish nowhere
  16. I used to live close to that water. I could go there day or evening and have fun. I have caught lots of fish out of that river. You have to know when to go to catch fish and where to fish it at and what time to do it. I had that river dialed in pretty good. But I got skunked good also. But if I don't catch anything, so be it. I did have fun doing it.

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