SFR Airline question - carry on a rod?

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  1. I've got an upcoming trip on Alaska Airlines and have a question about carrying on a rod. Can I carry on a broken down two piece 9 foot rod? My four piece rod fits nicely in my checked duffel bag but I want to have a spare. Thanks for any input!
  2. I have carried on rods that big before (2 pc 9ft). Couple thoughts for you (I also travel well over 150,000 "butt in seat" as they say airline miles a year. Not to be confused with "miles for bonuses or credit cards" lol.)

    Ok- some (most?) planes have overhead bins that DO NOT have dividers in the back. Each unique overhead bin door opens to an "area" but typically those areas are all connected, especially in the back. If you can get a shot at a bin before everyone dumps rollerboards in, your rod could go first sliding longwise and maybe actually occupying the very back against the wall space area of a couple bins.

    Secondly- If this doesn't work = too late to get a first shot before bags, overhead bins that don't connect, planes without overhead bins...then I suggest the flight attendants have a closet for their stuff. They are pretty protective of the little garment bag type closets, but I've found a humble request with a smile and good demeanor tends to break down their hardened flight attendant crustiness lol. Especially once they see how little space a fly rod case takes...

    Hope that helps! Hard part is the variables- what type of plane, how cranky the flight attendants are, how fast you board. Having said that I've never failed in getting my rods on board with me one way or another. Good luck!
  3. Alaska airlines is great when it comes to rods. I've even had them store my rods in the first class coat closet for me when the bins were full.

    This is from their website....
    Carry-on Baggage Exceptions

    The following items may count as your "one" carry-on bag and may exceed the carry-on dimensions as long as they can be safely accommodated in a proper stowage compartment in the cabin of the aircraft.
    • Human organs
    • Art/Advertising portfolios
    • Paintings
    • Delicate scientific equipment
    • Fishing poles
  4. Alaska Airlines seems to remember where they came from and welcome carry on flyrods. It Will have to go in an overhead bin or give it to the cabin crew for storage. NEVER check a flyrod, even if it is in another bag. It is offering to give it away.
  5. I agree that Alaska Airlines is great at helping with this. I have never had an issue fitting my two piece 9 ft rod in the overhead flying between Seattle and Anchorage. But, a few times on connecting flights it hasn't fit. The flight attendants have always been willing and able to help me find a place in the cabin to store it safely.
  6. i agree with the above. being very nice and polite goes a very long way with flight attendents. i used to work for united. 2 piece rods are all over hub airports this time of year. on the off chance that the gate agent is having a bad day and says it cant go on, because that is who will deny the carry on, just be very nice, play dumb and say that you got here like that. nothing else you can do at that point. but you shouldnt worry, youll be just fine. alaska air employees, in my experience, arent nearly as bitter as united and delta.

    by the way, you should carry on you flies and wading equipt too. that stuff is all good to carry on and its better to be in your same stinky clothes for 4 days and still having your fishing gear than the other way around.

    have a great trip!
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  7. It's a crap shoot....both coming and just take your chances. I have been sent back to the check-in counter (Alaska Airlines) with 4 piece rods and had passengers bring 2 piece rods on at stops along the way. I have had them nix fly lines, hooks, pliers and other gear. There are no hard and fast rules. It helps (sometimes) to take a copy of the TSA rules in your carryon. Good luck!!!
  8. Is that admonition due to experience or simply anecdotal?

    Not meaning to be a dick but I'd really like to know if you or your friends have lost fly equipment in checked bags.

    I have a Hawaii trip coming up and I'd like to take my new 8 wt. setup but I'm torn between taking it as a carry-on or trying to fit it into the checked baggage.

  9. I notice most airlines in the US allow you to carry on fishing rods. Nice to know.

    If ever by chance you fly Air Lingus from Heathrow to Dublin, or visa versa, they'll have a conniption fit at you carrying on a 5 pc fly rod in a case. "It can be used as a weapon." Funny, they allow violins in cases. :confused:

    I had to check it,:eek: sweat it,:( and did get my rod back on the other side.:D
  10. Two weeks ago my friend from the Bay Area flew into Missoula. Because we were camping on Rock Creek (right next to Dick Olhmstead) he needed a lot of gear. His 3 fly rods were his 3rd bag and United charged him $110. I Fed Ex'd the rods back to him.

    Alaska Air used to have this space through the back of their overheads for 2-piece rods. That, and the Alaskan Amber beer was pretty darn nice.


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