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  1. Anyone know what bug this is?

    It's a pretty cool looking bug. It looks like it was hand painted.
    Its back appears to form a false leaf for camo.

    It also looks a lot like a spoon fly that I once used for redfish.


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  2. June bug!
  3. cool thanks. I guess he's 3 1/2 months early.

    I found him outside in a dormant state, when I brought him in and put him under the light he really snapped to attention.
  4. I'm going to go out on a limb here, since my forest entomology class was a looong time ago, but if this beetle is small-- say maybe 3/4 inch long and the back is metallic green as it appears in the jpg, then I'd say cedar borer. If it's larger, like 1 1/2, and not metallic green, I'd say june bug. I found a dead one very similar in the sill plate of my house during a "small" project.

  5. It's a beetle in the family Buprestidae -- short-horned wood-boring beetles.
    The pictures aren't from the best angle to tell for sure (top view, lateral view), but the metallic green color is pretty clear.

    An alternative would be a Chrysomelid, but it is not a June beetle. The antennae for June beetles (family Scarabidae) are distinctly different.
  6. I defer to the experts.

    Tight lines
    S malma
  7. Hand painting - never know, a neighbor kid may have painted that bug with fingernail polish :confused:
  8. Not a june bug. All the june bugs I encountered in Texas were tan\brown and had much thicker legs and antenae. As a kid riding a bike, you dreaded when these big clunky flying things would fill the air. SMACK! Had one almost take my eye out. Had to avoid riding under the street lights at night. June bugs are also major pests when you are in a swimming pool. They get stuck in the pool and have a nack for finding your hair and grabbing on...

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