NFR SFR-Dodge Ram 1500 Diesel 3.0 L...this fall.

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  1. As with all new models, it will be interesting to see how many warranty claims I end up submitting for the new vehicle. I judge the vehicles we sell by the number of warranty claims I process for them each month.
  2. Pretty cool, I would be interested...
  3. This is definitely a step in the right direction, but IMO they still have a ways to go. Why can't they put some of this effort into a smaller 4wd that might be capable of approaching the 40mpg mark? 450 ft/lbs of torque is impressive, but still way more than most truck owners will need. For towing a fishing boat, I could get by with half that.
  4. Vladlimer, make no mistake-this is not a "small pickup"! I drove the identical truck last week but with the V-6 engine in a 4X. I am six feet tall and the height of the step-in to the cab is 2'' above my knee! The top of the tailgate comes even with my shoulder and the rest of the rig is correspondingly massive. I love the damned things but they are just way too tall to be practical for old folks. But just about the right height for an NBA player.

    I don't know when this bigger, badder, bolder, more poweful, more massive and macho bullshit will stop but I know it will at some point. Manufacturers have herded the masses into these giant rigs not because we need them but because the profit margin is so high. 3/4 and 1 ton trucks have always been available for those that truly needed them but those of us that don't are being sold a bill of goods.

    A Frontier sized 4X with a 2.8 TDI engine would get 30 mpg and haul 2 guys and a drift boat effortlessly across any pass in Washington. Bring it on and leave the factory lift kit on the factory floor.

    Life is hard. Then you die.
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  5. So Ive, have you ever seen the diesel Subaru's they have in the UK? Dont remember the motor size, but I want to say it was a 2 lit., all wheel drive, and it looked just like a standard Legacy
  6. None of us at the dealership can figure out why Ford dropped the Ranger. We were selling plenty of them and all they needed to do was install one of their new engines that gets better MPG, update the design a little and that's it.

    Nope. Instead they still opt to offer the Shelby Mustang GT and we sell one of those every other blue moon.

    Dropping the Ranger was a mistake.
  7. Gene, could you line me up a test drive in one of the Shelby GT 5.0's?? One of my friends that I race with races one and I love it!
    Thats kinda like the ford dealer in Morton, Wa... He used to have loads of the Rousch package 'stangs in different stages. Now come on and tell me they sell enough of those to keep them on the lot in Morton....
    Jimmy has been in business for a long time so I am sure he knows what he is doing, but I just dont get how they sell.
  8. The first pick-up I owned was a red Datsun pick-up with a six foot bed. Then to a S-10, followed by Dodge Ram 2500 extended cab with a short bed.

    Currently, I drive a 1-ton Dodge Ram 3500 with a eight foot box. The thing is 21 feet long without the front bike rack. That extends it to 23 feet. I was only teasing about a "small" pickup since MY CURRENT PICKUP is a mid-size. I can buy one still longer!!

    Bought it for towing a 5th wheel and that bed resulted in me buying a larger 5th wheel since the smaller sizes would not fit. Next time I am buying a flat-bed for towing and getting a custom bed made for towing and outdoor activities. I actually think it would be cheaper. I talked to Dodge about the "feature", but they sell trucks on looks not functionality anymore!!

    I am only 5' 6". So I have been developing my upper body by lifting myself into the truck. Has kept me fit in retirement. My wife, however, does not see the benefits of pull ups. After two years she is still yamering about running boards.
  9. I was hoping Dodge would come out with a 4500 and 5500 series CTD to compete with Ford... bigger is better right? Dodge has been embarrassed the last two years in the new strictly regulated, head to head, performance runs with Ford and Chevy. Still, I like the CTD and our recent trip to MT, we averaged 16.7 mpg with the truck camper.

    I like the idea of the Ranger truck with a new technology TDI engine... that would be a very practical set-up for those wanting truck attributes but not needing to haul or tow heavy stuff. The Audi's and VW's I drove in Germany last year with these engines were fantastic. My Ranger with the 4.0L V6 only got about 18 mpg hwy... I'll bet a TDI could easily avg 25+. I suspect Ive is right in that they would be cutting into what is currently their cash cow market.
  10. The good thing about this, is that other makers might be spurred to produce 1/2 ton diesel pickups for the U.S. market.
    The bad thing about this, is that the new diesel pickup will be a P.O.S. Dodge.
  11. Yeah, I know what you mean by P.O.S. My Dodge truck is 20 years old now and has already used a fuel pump and a starter. The original transmission is still in place working perfectly after 16 years of towing a fifth wheel trailer. The interior is unmarked and the seats are still more comfortable than anything Ford has built since my first F-150 back in '77. On last week's fast trip out I-90 over 2 passes and 50 miles up the Coeur D Alene River it only averaged a paltry 17.3 mpg (Factory ratings in 1994:13 city, 17 highway)
    The original brakes only went 118,000 miles and the air conditioner had to be recharged after 18 years. What a P.O.S.! I hope my next truck is at least as much a P.O.S. as this one has been.

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  12. I knew I had cuponoodle pegged correctly... as a country gentleman, GMC driving aficionado ;)
  13. Count yourself amongst the lucky few. Auto tranny on those Cummins has been a POS until recently........ The diesel shop here in Kent currently has 3 newish (6 yo) Dodge trucks waiting for tranny rebuilds. Pretty common according to them and friends who have owned the Dodge.

    A smaller half ton (Ranger/Tacoma size) that gets decent fuel economy needs to be built. Even the best of the best that is out there right now gets 20 mpg at best on the highway. That's really pathetic. I have a 3/4 ton GMC but would replace my Outback with a smaller more efficient truck if given the opportunity. I get better highway mileage in this luxury liner than I did with any of my Rangers.
  14. Sure... no problem... we have a black one on the showroom floor. As far as I can tell, you need to buy the thing just to get a test drive :D

    My old Mazda B2000 PU got 32 MPG.... but that was back in 80s and the emission laws were not as strict. That little guy made a lot of trips back and forth to YNP. Unfortunately, it had no AC so wasn't all that comfortable during the long, hot drive. But it did get good gas mileage. It's interesting that the first Rangers were built by Mazda, then the companies did a flip flop and Ford started building the Rangers and selling them also as a Mazda small pickup.

    My 1990 F150 gets may get 12 MPG... there's no point in checking so I don't know for sure. Whatever it is, it ain't good but I own it and the price of fuel is less than truck payments. The truck has two gas tanks and there is a reason for that. .. it needs both. ...but it does have AC.
  15. Why is it everytime I hear the term "country gentleman" I think of Kinky Friendman??

    The interior of the S-10 and Dodge Ram held up real well. The only interior to fall apart on me was that little red 1973 Datsun pick-up bought brand new the year I graduated from college.

    That truck went ten years before I bought another one. Gas mileage.....26. Gas mileage on my one-ton.....17-19.

    I would NEVER buy another GM product. I can forgive somebody for building a lemon like the S-10. But GM's customer service....well, lets just say they always wanted to sell me ONE truck and they succeeded. They will never get me to buy another GM product.

    The standing comment in the RV community is buy a GM or Ford is fix the diesel engine or buy a Dodge and fix the transmission. There was a rumor that GM would buy out Ram and the new truck would have a GM Diesel and a Ram transmission!! Request for government bailout to follow shortly thereafter.

    There is a very good transmission shop in Wenatchee. It would be worth it to drive those Dodge trucks over the hill to get them repaired.
  16. I couldn't afford a new P/U if my heart desired one. I just shake my head at the size of the latest P/U's. They are so big I couldn't get in one unless I had a step ladder with me.

    The question is, why does those have to be so big. 20 years ago P/U's were the size of today's Ranger P/U's. Hell, I had a Datsun and it would almost fit into my bed on my 2000 Ranger.

    They can maybe haul a lot, but then it eats up gas like nobody's business.

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