SFR: Fishing in Washington is Expensive!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Krusty, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Actually, it doesn't bother me, but I know such a thread always perks up Old Man when he gets to tell us about Montana fishing fees compared to Washington!
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  2. You're always thinking of others. Brings a tear to my eye. :p

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  3. Ha, Ha, Ha. :p:p 8 bucks and you can fish all year long.
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  4. Now everyone feels better. :D

  5. I flew in from London, England last night for 6 weeks of fishing (and baby sitting) so today I popped into Fred Myers and got my annual non residents license cost $132.30. I regard this as good value as there is so much free fishing here. In the UK a similar trout and salmon license would cost me around $100 dollars and there is free fishing around but to fish a quality river like the Sky or the Sno could cost in excess of $400 a day without a guide! So count your blessings!
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  6. My veteran over 65 license here in Nebraska in $10.00 - combination hunt and fish and it is also good for all year. I'm still looking forward to my move to Washington even if the fees are higher.:)
  7. Well you have to be practically dead to get a senior citizen break here. I still paid the full boat when I got my license but I'm not complaining. There are worse values in lots of other things one can do.
  8. Yeah, like the price of gas in Washington.
  9. The licenses cost but just think of all of he places you can go or not be going to in the future due to extra cost to mantain (take some of the trash left by others when you leave)
  10. Wait.....What?? Practically dead at 70? What have you done to yourself? I'm 75 next month and just spent a few days on the NFCDA by myself walking/wading several miles of water and catching gorgeous westslope cutthroat. I felt pretty damned alive!
    But seriously, my license cost is $7.50 a year for all my freshwater fishing. Crap, you can't even buy a double gutburger with fries and a drink for that. As Mark Knopfler would sing: "It's casual entertainment.."

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  11. It could be worse... you don't get a free cross-country ski pass on the trails in Winthrop, WA until you're 75!!!

  12. Yup, and due to the resultant broken hip, the pass will only be used once.

    And I suspect that they'd actually pay Old Man to use the cross country ski trails in Montana.
  13. My fishing liscense in Alaska, which has pretty good fishing, for someone over 55 was free! So, in Alaska I was old at 55 but became young again when moved to WA and only cost me a bit over $100 (WA has a separate fee for everything- freshwater,saltwater,salmon,discovery pass,etc).
  14. I'm 70 and I go x/c skiing at least 5 times every winter; no broken hip yet but I do have a titanium knee. Funny that I can do that for 6k with no problems but walking two blocks is a nightmare. Maybe I should shuffle my feet more....

    I am hoping to get at least 5 years of their damn free ski pass but I can't help but wonder just how many of those things they actually issue.

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  15. How's the steelhead fishing there?
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  16. Welcome to the United States. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  17. Was never interested in them I just went out in the middle of winter and all the damn rain to keep my buddies company. I'm happy as a clam catching what I'm catching now. Be it 6 or16 inches long. RB's, EBT, Cutt's, Grayling, And Browns. You can also throw in a few Whitefish.
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  18. A clam would not be very happy in Montana.
  19. The trouble with sea food here is that it's not fresh like in Washington. No, a clam would be very unhappy here.

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