SFR / Hwy 20

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Scott Salzer, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Scott Salzer

    Scott Salzer previously micro brew

  2. rory

    rory Go Outside

    Wow! I heard that rain was expected. That will slow things down. Thanks for posting.
  3. Gregg Lundgren

    Gregg Lundgren Now fishing on weekdays too!

    Thanks for the heads-up Scott!
  4. cuponoodle breakfast

    cuponoodle breakfast Active Member

    Yikes. That's one heck of a mud flow.
  5. bigdood

    bigdood fishing hack

    !!!WOW!!! There's something you don't expect in August.
  6. Scott Salzer

    Scott Salzer previously micro brew

    We were lucky to have heard of the side before heading up 20. Called 511 for more info. Initially, they had hoped to open by 1400 - no way, they changed it until at least today. I haven't tried for another update.
  7. IveofIone

    IveofIone Active Member

    What the hell-they have been threatening our end of SR-20 with rain for days and we haven't received enough to fill a birdbath. The other end of SR-20 gets washed away. Go figure.