Sfr: Legendary Steelhead Pic Photoshop Thread

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Evan Burck, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Chris Scoones

    Chris Scoones Administrator Staff Member

    Bobo looses his acting part to Keanu...
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  2. ganglyangler

    ganglyangler Bird Dogs and Fly Rods

    Wow, just wow...
  3. Chris Scoones

    Chris Scoones Administrator Staff Member

  4. Stew McLeod

    Stew McLeod aka BigMac

    Nice work Chris ....
  5. ganglyangler

    ganglyangler Bird Dogs and Fly Rods

    so good.. I am not worthy
  6. tediousthumper

    tediousthumper Hello My name is Thad and Im addicted to flyfishin

    Absolute genius! lmao
  7. dflett68

    dflett68 Active Member

    maybe this has already been done, but it's that time of year....


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  8. wadin' boot

    wadin' boot Donny, you're out of your element...

    .... like Scoones even had a moment of doubt...
  9. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Oh my, now we have BOBO of epic historical perspective. Amazing.
  10. wadin' boot

    wadin' boot Donny, you're out of your element...

  11. MarkS

    MarkS some guy

    Untitled 2.png

    A lot of people ask if we would recommend Dr. BoBo having just had our first little girl. I tell people that while he was a bit intense, he got the job done. I don't agree with his 'less clothing = more sanitization' moto but my wife did seem at ease not being the only one topless. Unfortunately I don't have his contact info be honest we didn't know him before he just ran in, held her up for a photo opp, and then ran out. Nice guy though.
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  12. Mark Walker

    Mark Walker Active Member

    What? No topless pics of the wife?:D
  13. Flyborg

    Flyborg Active Member

  14. aplTyler

    aplTyler Inept Steelheader

    Too funny...
  15. CRIME

    CRIME New Member

  16. Dottiesdad

    Dottiesdad Member

    It's a long story but I just got back from a trip around the internet that started from this thread. It ended abruptly at

    FWIW, they list seven definitions for "Bobo". Now, I know that a person's name is a different thing than the definition of a word with the same spelling on an internet dictionary site. I get that.

    But in a weird convergence of nearly parallel universe kind of way, I thought the first definition was pretty funny, and a little frightening in a way that ended my odyssey and brought back here where I started. I could tell there was serious danger ahead if I went any further down the path I was traveling.

    Here is definition #1 for "Bobo" per the link above:

    1. bobo

    A Korean dude who muds like a maniac and farts uncontrollably.
    Dude, Eric is such a bobo these days.
  17. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    Eric. That's a nice, Korean name.
  18. Dottiesdad

    Dottiesdad Member

    Yeah, I thought the ethic modifier added nothing to the phrase. If the definition had been derived from Korean slang, then I get it.

    That said, can a person be exposed to the phrase, "A dude that muds like a maniac and farts uncontrollably" and not be permanently changed? How do you ever go back to being who you were before you read that?

    Myself, I developed six pack abs and a very sore tummy after reading it just a few times. Transformational stuff!
  19. constructeur

    constructeur Active Member

  20. Josh

    Josh dead in the water

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