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  1. Hans Weilenmann

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    Hook: Grip 147323BL #14
    Thread: Benecchi 12/0, black
    Tail: Snowshoe hare, dyed dark brown
    Body/head: Dubbing brush, olive - mix of natural, synthetic and small quantity of deer hair (or dubbing of your choice)
    Wing: Snowshoe hare, dyed dark brown - two or three bunches, depending on shank length

    Note: A snowshoe take on the Hedgehog design. Neigh unsinkable.

    Hans W
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  2. Rob Ast

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    I'm assuming you are dubbing a bit, then tying in a clump of snowshoe, dubbing a bit more, tying in the next clump, etc. Is this correct?

  3. Hans Weilenmann

    Hans Weilenmann Active Member

    Rob, that would be the case if I were using reg dubbing. As it is I am using a dubbing brush. Wrap two turns, cinch down, fold out of the way. Tie in next clump of SS. Etc.

    Hans W
  4. Jim Speaker

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    What does this pattern represent?
  5. Joe Goodfellow

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    Hans that's awesome is there a video?