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  1. I am wondering what to do here and if anyone else has had this happen. I recently sold a fly rod and shipped it out of state through FedEx . According to the tracking # it says that it has been delivered to the buyer's doorstep but he claims it never arrived. The buyer checked with the local FedEx driver who says he did indeed deliver to his doorstep which means that is was most likely stolen from buyer's property. Now there is the question of what to do. FedEx is obviously not taking responsibility and even if the package had been insured (which is wasn't) that only works if it never got delivered. I recently logged into Paypal and found a claim against me and all money paid has been refunded to the buyer. I believe him that he doesn't have the fly rod but the responsibility in this whole transaction I feel is far our of my hands and I have done everything I was supposed to. So now I'm out a fly rod, the money for it and the $20 to ship. Not sure what to do here but it seems like all protection is provided to the buyer while the seller gets none.
  2. Plaster the buyer's name all over the internet so nobody else sells to him until he pays back the money he owes you.
  3. one of the local TV channels recently showed a female thief caught on a home security camera taking recently delivered packages from someones front porch, she was brazen enough to park in their driveway......they could possibly be following the Fed Ex or UPS van as it makes it's deliveries....
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  4. He should pay you for the rod. That's BS! You shipped it, it was delivered. Life isn't always fair.

    I don't like putting peoples names on here when this stuff happens but sure wouldn't blame you if you did in this case. You should get paid. Not sure what else you can do, though.
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  5. It's one of those deals that forethought always plays out, I purchased a new fly tying vise from an online shop and it never arrived, the post office sent confirmation to the shop and myself that the package had indeed been delivered but unfortunately I never did receive it. Probably was picked up of off the doorstep from someone else. Now I always request signature required when sending and purchasing items.

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  6. That is kind of crappy for the guy to take no responsibility for the loss. It appears you were both victims of a thief. Would the guy be willing to split the difference? That would seem fair to me....

    Another thought - Was it a "confirmed" address in the Paypal system? My understanding is that if that is the case Paypal should provide Seller protection too. I'm not sure how it works, but it might be worth investigating.

    On a similar note, as mentioned above, I have read news reports that thieve following UPS & FedEx trucks is becoming a common technique. I always have stuff sent to my office where someone can sign for it. No help here, but maybe in the future.
  7. Yep. Request a signature, which in itself can be a pain if the person is not at home (working) during delivery times, but at least you avoid these situations. Chalk it up as a loss.
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  8. To stop all of this, don't send fly equipment through the Mail, UPS, or Fed Ex. I watch when my mail comes and my yard is fenced and patrolled by biting dogs. Those guys always come to my front porch and drop shit off. No packages get left in the mail box.
  9. yes, I believe they do. several years ago, I had something similar happen. Only I was the buyer & the package was insured. The fly rod was "delivered" but never showed up (UPS 'found' the box and it was empty). I got my money back, as did the seller (minus shipping costs)...I'm not sure if it was because of the insurance or the confirmed address with PayPal. Either way, even on the smallest things, I ALWAYS insure...just for a little extra protection.
  10. I now have all of the goods I purchase shipped to my office.
    That way I can guarantee someone is there to receive them and it isn't sitting on my front porch all day.

    When I sell something I now always ask for a signature. i also try to work with the buyer to try and find ship to address that will insure safe delivery. Not always an easy task.
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  11. Paul, that sucks. I've only completed one transaction of rods & reels via this board, and the box intended for me in trade somehow got sent to S. California with a similar zip code, so I know how you feel - that pit in your gut that you got duped. Hope it works out in your favor too.

    That being said, if I owned a fly shop, I'd offer a rod shipping/receiving service. Here's an idea, after the payments had been secured:

    1. Seller takes item for sale to fly shop, where they record receipt, condition, pack, and ship to seller via trackable service (UPS, FedEx, etc).
    2. Fly shop charges shipping + a small handling fee or offers % off coupon to spend in store same day
    3. Buyer identifies a fly shop in their area who will receive the package and note condition, etc.
    4. Upon pickup, Buyer pays the fly shop a small fee for the service, or the shop offers a % off coupon to spend in the store same day to help outfit the new gear (line, flies, etc.)
    This makes the fly shop a value added link in the chain, wherein both the buyer and seller are working with people they know and trust, and the valuables get delivered to a known entity. And it drives business to the fly shops.
    Works for the gun industry.
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  12. i learnt the hard way, always pay for insurance, and mandatory signature

  13. Essentially becoming a "FFL" (federal firearm lic.) for fly rods.
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  14. Just wait until they start doing delivery by drone. Not only will they be stealing the fly rod, but the $1,000 drone as well.
  15. Sorry Paul, that sucks. My street (very close to Aurora) has had numerous parcel thefts in the last few months. As much as it sucks, you can’t blame the shipping entity, unless they didn’t follow instructions. IMO, not your fault.

    I had a similar idea (kind of) to Derek’s, although not really related to buying/selling. I’m not sure how the science of this would actually work, but it would be cool if fly shops offered a “gear sanitation” service for waders, boots, etc. for fishermen visiting from another area. Basically, they’d use UV lights/heat/hungry geckos/whatever to kill any invasive species, then “certify” the gear as appropriate to use in local waters. Visiting fisherman gets to use their own gear, local fisheries get piece of mind and the ability to enforce the rules (maybe a in conjunction with the fishing license) and the fly shop gets some out of town business. Like I said, I’m about 180 credits short of a fisheries science degree, so this may not even be possible. But I’d use it.
  16. I may be on the wrong track, but if the buyer agrees to the sale and does not request for
    insurance, then they better be home when it arrives. I know that I watch tracking info
    throughout the delivery period. Maybe it would be best to state "base shipping/no
    insurance or premium shipping w/insurance, no refunds if lost in the mail." Then it is
    up to the buyer to pay up or shut up. Not sure is this is compliant with Paypal though.
    Bummer Paul, I feel your pain.
  17. Yes, in a sense, but when fly rods are outlawed, only outlaws will have fly rods... ;)

    In all seriousness, there's commerce happening beyond the reach of the fly shop in these person-to-person sales, why not provide a value added service that takes the worry out of a transaction?

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  18. Best you could hope for is to ask the buyer to split the loss.
  19. Just curious would the home owners insurance possibly pay for it? I mean they cover theft, and if the fedex driver confirms the delivery it was technically stolen from the Home.

    The buyer seems to have all the cards but maybe he/she is a decent guy/gal who just doesn't want to pay for something he/she didn't get; it would be worth asking.
  20. Assuming they do indeed arrive at their intended destination - I imagine that these drones might provide fine sport for those of a mischievous nature, armed with pellet guns and such.

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