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  1. As harsh as this may seem, it's true. If FedEx can confirm that they delivered it, it's no different than if someone stole their kids bike off their front lawn. It's not your responsibility. It sucks, yes, but the burden shouldn't fall on you.

    On another note, we use PayPal all the time for our business. It's a hard lesson to learn, but PayPal almost always sides with the customer.

    I really, really hope that something works out for you... :(
  2. I know per Ebay the seller is responsible for the item until it is delivered. If it is delivered damaged it is the sellers responsibility to get it figured out.

    I would assume through Paypal since it was shown as delivered the sellers end of the bargain was upheld. Kind of crappy of them to refund the guy.
  3. I just asked my wife (who does the shipping for us), that if you can prove that it was delivered, PayPal will back you up.

    She also mentioned, to make sure that the dispute is finalized. You can still dispute it. PayPal does this "automatically" (freezes monies, or refunds) until it is finalized.

    Although, shy of a signature, as Porter mentioned, it may be tough. PayPal's 'Seller Protection' states that orders of over $250 must have a signature, in order to back you up. However, get on FedEx to help you out. If you are persistent, things may work out for you.

    We live in a day and age, where companies rely on folks to just "give in", and accept "That's just how it is." You can, and should, get a little grumpy (ha ha), and you may just find a multi-million dollar company "giving in" to your demands for help.

    Hey, what have you got to lose. The worst they can tell you is no.

  4. Think of it as skeet shooting with prizes.

    Back OT: Don't always believe the usps delivery confirmation. I was missing a package that tracking claimed delivered. Showed up about a week later.
  5. signature required....!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Unless it is a very expensive rod the value would be less than the homeowners deductible, so probably not much help.

    It is a tough one on both ends. Many people do not accept paypal because of things like this. As stated with paypal the seller is guilty until proven innocent, not always fair but the way it is.

    I have heard of people ordering stuff and saying that they never got it and file for a refund. Is the guy somebody that has been on the board with a history of reports for a while?

    As a buyer I would not be willing to take on any financial hit. I was not able to inspect or hold the rod. How would I know what was in the box, was the rod as described?

    Poppy at the Red Shed used to send rods/reels/lines to people to try with just an address. If they liked it they kept it and paid for them, if not they sent it back. He surprisingly never had a problem for several years, but he ate a couple of rods. He also does not accept paypal, so guessing he had a similar issue.

    I will always ship with insurance and or signature, leaning more towards signature for this specific reason. I have bought and sold more gear than I care to admit via mail. Luckily I have not gotten burned badly yet. I did have a rod go to about three wrong post offices all over the country before it ended up in getting to the buyer. Canada is a whole different ball game. You do not get the same tracking as you do here, so hard to follow or document. I have a conversation before I ship that I will ship the product as described and packed well. But once it leaves my hands it is totally their responsibility, if they do not agree I will not ship. Everything has gotten to it's destination, but a few have taken a looooooooooong time.
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  7. Paul, is the rod replaceable? Do you need a rod to fish until this issue gets resolved?
  8. I'm curious now, what was the rod?

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  9. I do not sell, but most everything I buy comes via the regular mail. Have not been burn yet, but if I ever
    ship a rod, I would ask for additional shipping cost for insurance and signature. I'm curious, does this
    cost one-third more for most carriers? I believed Paul got hosed. He should not have to be beat on
    this deal. Still feeling the pain.
  10. I smell something shady and I think given your obligation was met by having the fly rod delivered to his door............. he's now responsible. If he has any class........he should be following up soon on at least a proposal to split the cost (which is still shitty on his part). My two cents. If you don't hear from him soon.........he's probably on a holiday vacation fishing with your rod. Sorry, Paul.
  11. Thanks guys for your answers and perspective. We've gone back and forth a bit and have come to the conclusion that PayPal will have to decide. I'm willing to take a partial hit and next time I will insure which makes it tougher for the buyer but that way it's for sure. Thanks Derek for the offer, I have a couple others at my disposal. Luke, I sold a Z-Axis 486-4 for $300 which I thought was a good deal but free is an even better deal.
  12. #@$%!!!

    Watch Craigs list, and Ebay for your missing rod...... I'm NOT kidding.
  13. "Tis the Season when thieves prowl the suburbs for packages left on doorsteps. A recent tv news feature showed a parasite dashing into a front yard, grabbing the package and scuttling back to his idling vehicle in a few seconds.

  14. What he said. Might cost a couple of $ more, but worth the peace of mind.
  15. Sorry to hear about the rod and money, that's the shit's. Hope the guy does something or FedEx.
  16. I think that once the package is delivered--you've held up your end of the bargain. He agreed to pay for the rod, you agreed to ship it to him, unless he had objected to the terms of delivery, it's his fault that he didn't insist on a more secure form of delivery. Never did you promise that thieving shit-bags would not steal it off his porch. What happens if he was home, and watched the person steal it off the porch, would that still be your fault? By disputing the paypal payment, he is arguing that it is your fault. What if two weeks later, it gets stolen, is that still your fault? If the delivery service confirms that it was delivered, I think you're in the right on this one.

    He could easily claim it through his home owner's insurance, and not screw you. Take him to small claims court.
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  17. That's what we dislike about PayPal. They side with the customer, unless a signature has been taken.

    I'm (we) are with you though. If the delivery service will vouch for delivery, there has to be someway of notifying PayPal. Maybe if a written statement can be made from them (or something they sign) saying they did deliver...
  18. Fuck paypal. This is why I refuse to do anything with them.
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  19. If I get home before 11pm tonight I'll give you all the insights. Too much to type on my phone.
  20. Especially this time of year during the busy holidays. As a seller, i alway buy insurance and signature is requried. This is your best protection as a seller. I know it cost more, and you're trying to get the most out of it. But in the end, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble.

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