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  1. I guess PayPal has a policy where if an item is more than $250 they recommend the seller insure the package and I did not do that. PayPal is also holding the money until they make their decision on who was at fault. I did talk to FedEx to see if there is something they could do and the lady said that since a signature was not required that it would end up in a denial letter sent out. I know that it's not his fault for the rod being stolen and I now know to require a signature on stuff like this. I'm not going to lose sleep over it and I hope he doesn't either, it's only a stupid fly rod.
  2. "i learnt the hard way, always pay for insurance, and mandatory signature "

    Agreed, this is the only way to do it. Sorry for your lose of goods.
  3. I was burned once by paypuke and spammed by them for months. I refuse to use them ever again. If that means not being able to purchase items or sell items from\to someone that wants to use paypuke so be it.

  4. If there policy is that they "recommend" the package is insured that means abslutely nothing. Haveing something "required" is another thing. Also common sense would tell you that insurance only covers the package from point A to point B. The problem occured after point B. You need to cover your own ass, and I would not just lay over so easily. Honestly if paypal goes the wrong way on this I would consult an attorney if it was me and ask if I have a case. Worst they can tell you is no.
  5. The theft happened at his house. Not your problem.
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  6. Probably the best approach for you own sanity. I agree with everyone that you're getting a raw deal here but it comes down to how much time you want to spend pursuing it and whether the "principal of the matter" is worth the time/effort/money of getting an attorney involved to pursue it beyond whatever paypal decides.
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  7. Ok, I'm off work, long week. But here it goes.............

    We'll start with this. Seller=shipper and buyer=receiver. When it comes to insurance, it's NOT for the receiver. It's for the SHIPPER! If a package is lost or damaged, who do you think gets paid for it? Not the receiver, the shipper does. Everything falls back to the shipper when it comes to sending a package. If a trace needs to be done, then it has to be initiated by the shipper. Now, a receiver can call and ask about a tracking # and get a status on it, but they are not the ones who will file a claim or run a tracer on a lost package. So when you opt to ship something, just think that the insurance is covering YOUR ass if something were to happen, not the receivers (since the buyer could possibly be reimbursed by a credit card company).

    Now onto shipping in general. I'm assuming it was FedEx ground you sent it through. Every company has their pros and cons. BUT, I feel if a delivery company confirms the package was delivered (with or WITHOUT a signature) that your obligation was fulfilled. If the driver CONFIRMS he/she delivered it, there's nothing to consider on Paypal's side. You're in the right, and the funds should be in your account. You've met your obligation and shipped the package and FedEx shows delivery. Did they screw up? Possibly. We're all human (ALL companies and ALL employees make mistakes every now and then). What I love about UPS, is we can GPS track exactly where the package was delivered. It'll show up on Google Maps showing where we scanned and did the release. That helps when you're trying to figure out if it was delivered in the correct or incorrect location. Again, we are all human, so we do screw up and make mistakes.

    Onto signature required. That's a catch 22. That package could make it back to you IF they don't either 1. be at home or 2. pick it up after it's made all it's delivery attempts. If you do decide to go signature required, have it shipped somewhere that you know someone will be there (like your business or someone who works at home). Signature requireds are a drivers worse nightmare. Especially at Christmas. Every minute counts (literally). We don't have much in way of spare time, and a signature required just adds time for our day. And worse when it's going to an empty house (as in people are at work, not vacant), and add a delivery notice on top of that.

    Holiday thieves. Yes, there are people who scope out the delivery companies going door to door. We've been catching them but some do sneak through. One couple has been caught NUMEROUS times. In fact, they barely got released from jail and was doing it again (Tacoma area). Same car and all. Usually in the busier metro style areas. Easier to blend. In the country where I'm at, someone following me is VERY easy to see. Especially they type or roads and deliveries I have, they'd have to literally follow me down the trail I'm driving on and hope they get to the right house lol.

    Paul, one thing from my perspective. A HUGE red flag is flying high with the guy making the claim against YOU! The Paypal aspect. I'd insist a police report be filed on the rod. And see about having a tracer run on the package (not sure how or if FedEx does them). That way you have a legal document showing that they guy signed he did not receive the package. That's the only way we can process a claim on a lost package. A driver interview and having to sign makes a big difference on a package mysteriously showing up. And trust me, you can never be sure if someone is being honest when it comes to lost packages. I've had people flat out lie to me face to face about not receiving a package I HANDED THEM! They didn't bat an eye lash and had the most sincere look on their faces while they were lying to me (again, I was the driver who HANDED them the package). Not saying person is lying. But him KNOWING FedEx MADE the delivery, then still going after you (which is what he was doing) and getting his money back sounds fishy to me.

    Hmmmmmm, what else am I forgetting? I know I'm not as fluid typing this as I'd like, I'm just pretty brainfried right now. If there's anything any of you need answered, just ask away on here. I'll try to clarify.
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