Shock and Awe

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  1. Big E

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    This fly pattern and SBS are contributed to Anil. He was kind enough to take time out from hitting the local beaches to do this up for us. Anil runs a local shop called Puget Sound Fly Co. and are one of the site's sponsors. Thanks Anil!


    TUBE: HMH Small plastic tubing
    THREAD: Uni 3/0
    CONEHEAD: Spirit River Crosseyed Cone 3/8” nickel
    EYES: 3.0 3D eyes
    BELLY: White Farrar Blend
    BODY: White Farrar Blend with Opal Polar Flash
    BACK: Grey Farrar blend
    WING: Black Holographic Flashabou blended with: Purple, royal blue, chartreuse and black peacock herl

    This fly can be done in three sizes:
    Small (roughly 2.5" 3+ weight rods)
    Medium (4"-5" 7+weight rods)
    Large (5+" 10+ weight rods)

    This SBS is for a Medium size Shock and Awe

    STEP 1: cut tube to 1 ¼ “ length and melt rear end (not yours, just the tube)

    STEP 2: On top of the tube, tie in a clump of polarflash and Farrar blend half of the desired amount, fold over and taper to desired shape and length. This will be the longest portion of the fly, so determine overall length now.


    STEP 3: Repeat step 2 with Grey Farrar blend, making this clump slightly shorter.

    STEP 4: Blend black Holo Flashabou and mixture of peacock herl. Tie this in with the tips facing forward and roughly 80% of overall length of the fly.


    STEP 5: Tie in a clump of Peacock Farrar blend with material extending both forward and rearward.


    STEP 6: Tie in a clump of White Farrar blend (roughly 50% of overall fly length) directly underneath the tube.


    STEP 7: Fold back all of the material that is extending forward of the tubing and slide conehead over.


    STEP 8: Melt front of tubing while forcing the cone against the tie in area


    STEP 9: Hang the completed fly by the tail and fill conehead with rod-builders epoxy, add junction tubing and fish...
  2. Phil Fravel

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    That fly sucks!!! and Anil cant cast
  3. jeff bandy

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    Oooooh. That sounds like a challenge to me. I'm thinking You and Anil, ten paces, first one to rip the ear off the other wins.:)
  4. Anil

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    You're on Phil.
    Bring your 'A' game and a box of your best wine!
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  5. Jeff Dodd

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    Thank you very much Anil and Big_E -- Look forward to tying & fishing the Shock and Awe!

    ...and some day, I look forward to visiting your shop Anil :)

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  6. cabezon

    cabezon Sculpin Enterprises

    Sweet, after Leland's popper was posted, I was hoping that this would be added to the SBS. Now if someone can add a chum baby, a scud, and a mysid/euphausid pattern, a salt-water fisher's box would be largely complete.

  7. Phil Fravel

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    I must of been in the wine when I wrote that. Happy New Year
  8. Big E

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    Add it to the sticky and I'll see what I can do. I've cleared out over half the requests...getting almost time for some more.
  9. jeff bandy

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    Way to backpedal.
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  10. Thomas Williams

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    Puget Sound Fly Co is one hell of a shop. Anil is a stand up guy. Extremely knowlegable and helpful. Next time your in the area stop and check them out. You might just learn something.
  11. Golden Trout

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    Big E/Anil: Thank you so much. I will try to pull out alternative materials from an old Lake fisherman's trash.
  12. Phil Fravel

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    Older post but I have to give this fly some love. I was just down in Las Barillas 3 weeks ago fishing for Dorado. Tried a variety of Epoxy head fly's. The Shock n Awe kick the rest of the other flies A$$. It got into the strike zone immediately and stayed there.
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  13. mtskibum16

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    Question on this fly. Does anyone else have a problem with this fly floating when it hits the water? The Farrar blend seems to hold a lot of air in the material which I assume is what causes it to float (even with the cone). I find it distracting when I fish and even though the line tension pulls it under I always wonder how deep it's really fishing.
  14. Jim Speaker

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    It has a big nickel cone head on it... sinks like a rock!

    By the way, this is a GREAT fly. First time I saw one was when Anil tied a chartreuse one for me in the shop. In that color, he ties (or at least did) with a grizzly hackle on each side to create a barred effect.

    I'll be fishing these with blue backs during the first week of June at Lake Crescent. Although they are a "saltwater pattern," if you ask me, with a blue back it's a perfect kokanee fry.