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Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Shawn West, May 27, 2013.

  1. My daughter will be graduating from high school this coming Friday. I decided to take the entire week off work. My wife and daughter live in Boise while I work in Oregon. I was really looking forward to some quality time with family.

    While driving east on I-84, I noticed that there was a slight wind blowing in the Gorge. For those of you not in the know, if the wind is not howling in the Gorge, you had better take advantage of it. I stopped and launched my pontoon on the west side of the Dalles Dam. The water was slightly stained at was 56 degrees. I started out throwing a Polar Fibre Clouser. I managed to catch an 11" SMB. I switched over to a Simiseal Leech. My first cast put a 4 pound smallie at the end of my line. One thing I noticed about this fish was the reddened tail. It appears the spawn is underway where I fished. I caught 2 more average smb before reluctantly packing up the truck for my eastbound journey.

    My father will be driving from Nebraska to Boise for the graduation. We made plans to meet at a lake east of Boise, and try our luck for some bass and bluegills. I have never fished this lake so early in the season. I usually fish it in early June. I called my old fishing partner Ed, and asked if he would be interested in scouting the lake with me Sunday morning. Due to travel obligations, Ed has not fished in over 2 years. He was happy to join me for a half day trip. We were on the lake by 7AM. The wind was already starting to pick up a bit. The first hour or so was a bust. Neither of us got a single tug. I decided to switch from fishing for gill and targeting for the lmb instead. I decided to try a new fly (to me). I tied on a Grimm Reaper. I caught a 12" bass on my fifth cast. The fish hit the fly as soon as it hit the water. I caught a slightly larger bass a few casts later. I gave Ed one of my remaining Reapers. About thirty minutes later, Ed landed his first fish in years. I could not have been happier. The water temperature at this lake was 64 degrees. I do not expect the gills to move into the reeds by Wednesday, but my follow-up trip on June 9th should be killer. I am thinking I will probably take my father over to the Snake for some smallies before heading over to the lake. I would expect the smallies to be much more active with the water temps being what they are compared to the lmb. I will let you know how that trip goes. I could care less if I catch any fish or not on that trip, as long as Dad has a good time.

    So much for a short trip report. Sorry about that. I have been told I have the gift.

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  2. Thanks for the report. I have been wanting to do a trip down there this year, but have been looking at areas further upstream. I've been reading a bunch of articles about the smallmouth in the Celilo section above the Dalles and wondering if a canoe or pontoon close to shore would be safe as long as the wind isn't howling. If I were to believe what I am reading, this would be a hot spot but I don't see many reports online. Whats your thought on duplicating your results further upstream, like around the Maryhill State Park?
  3. If a person can safely fish the waters upstream of the Dalles, I am sure one could catch the smallies there. I have never fished upstream of the Dalles, but I have been told that there is some great fishing in the Boardman area. If or when I fish that area of the Columbia, I will be sure to let you know what effects the current in that area causes.

  4. All those little sloughs on the otherside of the freeway around celilo are full of smallies, managable from a toon anytime, and are easily accessed from the frontage road.
  5. Thanks. It sounds like I just need to plan a trip. It doesn't seem like the Celilo name is used much to refer to that area. I did a search on Youtube and if you search for Columbia, smallmouth, and Maryhill, you get some good videos, although all gear guys. In the videos the water seems fine for a pontoon and they don't seem to be fishing anything that can't be reached with a fly. I have also heard that the little lakes formed behind the highway or railroad are good.

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