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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by dflett68, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. dflett68

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    prospecting new tribs the last couple weeks with great results. last week, a mediocre cast into this:
    produced this:
    which i was quite happy with, but it came on the edges and i knew i could do better. saturday i took a little more time to beat the obstacles not shown in the foreground of the first shot, set up for a cast under the logs and into the dark water at the back of the hole, which produced this:
    low light, bad pic, but not a bad fish for a secondary tributary up in the mountains. went straight for the heavy water and fought like hell on the 2wt. caught a bunch of others but this was the best one. another great night out there.
  2. tbuss

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    Nicely done D. I need to get up there and do some exploring of my own.
  3. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I kind of miss those mountain streams where you go and have a chance of busting your knees at almost every turn..

    Here in Montana where I fish is all kind of the flat water. We're up high as most skinny water is at 6000' or more. But there are no big trees and blow downs to worry about. All the fish here seem to hide under the river banks.
  4. triploidjunkie

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    Is that Arabic on your wrist?
  5. dflett68

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    no, nothing that exotic. pm sent.
  6. Peyton00

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    nice report. job well done!
  7. dflett68

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    tbuss, i'll send you a text.
  8. Stew McLeod

    Stew McLeod aka BigMac

    Nice report, thanks for sharing.
  9. Matthew LeBret

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    Nice looking water and great looking fish
  10. Jim Speaker

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    Nice fish Dave. Real nice.
  11. dflett68

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    i'm in your debt Jim...hope you are feeling and functioning better and better.

  12. Steve Call

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