Should I be Proud or Ashamed?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by JayB, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. I suppose that depends on how it fishes? Combine plastic-hoochie envy, an attempt to make something jiggy, and some IPA and I guess this is what you get? Couldn't come up with anything nearly as clever as the "Dick Nite fished on a fly-rod = Penis Evening" to name what's essentially a hoochie tube fly it so I'll stick with "bead head micro hoochie"

  2. Holding my vote until I see the fished results. Creative and out of the box.
  3. I"m trying to think of the exact quote when Tom Hanks is talking to Wilson the volleyball toward the end of Castaway... about whether the outhouse wall could be used as a sail... I believe it was "That might work...!"

    Looks good to me. I'd fish 'em.
  4. Why ????
    You can get the same results, with better action and still use a real fly tied with feathers. I don't even think this is in the grey area, it's just a lure, jig, bunch of plastic.....Why ?????
  5. Why not? If it does work, then perhaps a fly pattern will arise from the experience. Pink salmon season is also a great time to go out and throw random fly patterns and interesting hardware at fish to see what happens. I think also Jay has a good sense of humor :p

    Tie some white or pink UV flash on the hook to add some pizzaz!

    Tungsten cone heads also work great in mini-hoochies and you can adjust the distance to the hook by varying the size of the non-slip loop used to tie the hook on.
  6. Because it's fun? Not all of us believe in confining our fishing recreation to a narrow set of ideals.

    I say good on you sir. Way to think outside the box!
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  7. It's all that really needs said when it comes to why someone might fish a particular way.
  8. I would fish those on my spinning rod any day! Those are nothing new to gear fishers. In fact, I've jammed corkies up into hootchie heads before in years past, but not recently. Mine were probably bigger. Yours look good!
    I would call those, "egg-sucking micro-hoochies," but looking again, I see that the "egg" is on the wrong end of the "squid" to be in a position where a squid would be sucking on it.
    Therefore, I would now call those "egg-crapping mini-squids.":D

    Be very ashamed!:p
  9. Back when I lived in Kirkland that's what I'd use in the Snohomish for pinks. Last I fished there was September 2011 right before I moved over here. A very good jig to use for pinks. That and the "pink worm" both work.

  10. How DARE you impugn the character of my fly, good sir! As soon as the hot-pink epoxy resin cures around the hook in the in the mold I cast from a a buzz bomb and complete the R&D on the next iteration in fly evolution, I intend to return and make a full throated defense of my creation.;)

    Just for kicks, I tied a couple with marabou/peacock-herl/flashabou to assuage the sense of guilt and shame that I felt in the depths of my soul....

    And then I promptly relapsed, clasped a silver horde roller bead in one hand, some silicon legs in the other, and found myself straying further into syntho-heresy.

    Now I'm off to find some catgut, a first edition copy of "The Compleat Angler," and a brandy snifter before I find myself swaying back and forth on a beach in a daze, with a Buzz Ramsey signature edition spin-casting rod in one hand, and a Mickey's Big Mouth tallboy in another.....:D
  11. We should go fishing sometime
  12. YA BUDDY. I like the way your brain works. I cannot tell you how many hairball idea's about creating the ultimate fly, jig or lure pop into my head. 3/4th of the shit I make goes in the trash or I have to do 10 of them before I get it right. Every once in a blue moon I make something that is the fishizle and I actually hook fish with it. Keep up the good work

  13. OK..OK...I have absolutely nothing against gear guys (even tho I've never been one) or lures, hoochies, spinners or flashers or things like that.
    I'm just saying lets call a spade a spade....By the way, I like your marabou squids and your sense of humor, but to me metal plastic and rubber on a hook is a lure not a fly, thats all and is just my opinion.
    Best of luck with your new creation....
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  14. Isn't the whole idea to catch a fish? I'm not ashamed to say I use a downrigger for salmon, or live sandabs for lings, worms for perch - but I still like to go to Pass Lake for trout in my float tube, fish the Madison or Firehole. I just like to catch fish. and your creations look like they will catch fish, no matter how they are used.
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  15. That's ok Mark. They're a little slow and have not yet discovered the "Squimp"!!! Oh well. Gees, this is still a fly fishing forum isn't it????!
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  16. It'd be an honor to fish with the man responsible for passing along the heavy-fly-on-a-floater method. My boss was kind enough to let me take time off from the 8/12 to 9/16, so I'm hoping to get out as much as I can before then, and a ton after then.
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  17. I have to vehemently agree with you, at least in spirit. Unfortunately for me, after I had a couple of beers in me and started cogitating on all of the foam bugs I'd fished with, the dozens of all synthetic baitfish flies I'd already tied for the season and fished with in years past, patterns like the shock-and-awe, everything got fuzzy, my will failed, and the result is the misbegotten creation you see above.
  18. You should be ashamed, but, you're a funny sorta guy. I enjoyed the post. Now, say 3 "Our Fathers" and pray you don't do it again. :D
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  19. I really like those in the first pic...that dog'll hunt!!
  20. lol love it, here is mine, this is the small 3in one.
    Reuben\'s Squid-Lisios Pink.JPG
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