Should I wear waders to a wedding ?

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  1. I am being dragged to am honored to attend a wedding near Leavenworth this Saturday. The good man goes down blessed nuptials occur at 5:30 PM. We will leave Lynnwood when the cat is fed and this and that is done bright and early so it seems like a good chance to do some fishing along the way, but we have to get home to feed the cat again return the same evening.

    Consulting Moon's Washington Fishing guide, it appears that the fishing taking Highway 2 east will generally suck or be illegal, while the I-90 route would be better for my sanity and fishing in terms of speed and success scenic vistas.

    Given an early start like that will ever happen and the late hour of the tragedy ceremony, after which we will leave my precious fish hit the road for hearth and home, what would be the recommendations of the maniacs wise heads gathered here for route and stops along the way?
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  2. Exit 34- 38, on I-90
  3. Under the circumstances, yes, you should wear waders to this wedding.

  4. I think you should show up and fake a phone call saying someone tried to brake into your house. Tell your wife/girlfriend or who ever is making you miss such a chance to fish, that you don't want them to miss this but you feel it would be best if one of you went back to check on the stuff in the house and feed the cat since it has to be done and you will get back as soon as you can. Now mind you when you do this it has to be kind of late. And your reason for taking so long to get back is because you wanted to make sure everything was still their so you went room by room and checked everything. And you can even use the joy of the fish you caught as how happy you are that nothing was taken.:rolleyes: I know I know no one will buy that, but its all good you will have gotten to fish by then and so what you sleep a couple nights on the couch and let be honest with how often ppl get divorced now days this will only last a few years and then he will be glad you missed it to.:p
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  5. Why do you have to feed a stupid cat twice a day. Fill it's dish up and then go It knows how to eat without your help.
  6. Thanks...Rattlesnake // Keechulus?
  7. I thought so. Get asked to leave early, maybe. But what is the etiquette...felt soles or rubber? I presume cleats would be frowned upon. Don't want to look bad, you know.

  8. Your deviousness is exceeded only by your brilliance. Sadly, a high-tech finely tuned bullshit detector, refined over 40 years, would prove my downfall. It operates on wavelengths beyond any spectrum I understand. Maybe I could slam on the brakes and claim I saw somebody drowning in Keechelus, but I might save them with a 6-weight and a 5x tippet, properly played. But how do I explain the release?
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  9. Say they need to go to the other side so you had to walk them down to that next riffle and help they get around that run so they could get by they pool they where trying to get to when they fell in.

  10. I agree,but you don't know this cat. It can't be stupid if it figured out how to be fed and housed and cleaned up after for 17 years for free. In all that time, it has never caught a mouse or fetched the paper or earned its keep in any way whatsoever. For all I know, it may know how to light matches. What if it finds my secret fishing cash and eats it? Can't take that chance.
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  11. Brilliant! But a technical question here...should I buy a Spey rod for this rescue? Don't want to be out-gunned, you know. Last week at Picnic Point with a 6-weight I caught a 138-pound dipshit with a dry-dropper rig. Seems the dip-shit was cleaning seaweed off the dry and forgot about the dropper. Amazing how painful a barb in the pinky can be. Especially on the way out. Easily dealt with, of course. A bowl of ice water, a set of forceps, a six-pack of beer, a grimace and gee whiz, all done.
  12. Gotta agree with Jim on this one. It ain't going to starve if it misses a meal or three. And if it has a heaping bucket of food and still starves (even if it is not the food it usually eats), then Darwin was right!

    As for showing up in waders, there is no need for waders for fishing right now, let alone as wedding attire. I haven't worn them in a month. If you get some black quick-dry pants and a white quick dry shirt, you can just change your shoes, throw a tie and/or jacket on and you'll be all set.

    As for fishing, I-90 has the most options but the west side of Stevens has some good choices too. Alternately, you could zoom over without stopping, drop your partner off in Leavenworth to shop and go hit the Icicle and tribs, though it is still a bit high.
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  13. Thanks. I will skip Men' Wearhouse and just go to Cabella's.

    By the way sorry to all for what seem to be disjointed posts/replies. New to this forum, don't seem to have the hang of attaching replies in the sensible way. Tips? Thanks.
  14. For $50, plus expenses, I'll take care of your cat problem. PM for details.
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  15. Check out ExOfficio clothing. A lot of their stuff could easily go from the river to the chapel and back again!

  16. Torn between spending $70.00 on a wedding/fishing shirt or a sweet slick new magic floating line that will cast 100 feet at the flick of a wrist (an 80 foot improvement, probably worth it).

    Beginning to cat meat a good sturgeon bait? Just asking.
  17. Good question and great answers. I too, am supposed to go to a wedding on Saturday. Though, I am going fishing in the morning. I figure a well crafted story of an over turned boat should allow me to stretch out my excursion well past the start time. The stress of such an ordeal will be far to much and an afternoon of fly tying will be the only solution.
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  18. A pinched barb will take care of all your troubles. You'll catch just as many fish with a pinched barb as you will with a barb. With a pinched barb the hook will come out much easier out of your finger, hand, ear, or head.
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  19. Forget the fishing. I think someone wearing waders at the wedding would be "unforgettable".
  20. I would the cat fishing with you :cool:

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