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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jack Devlin, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. A better thread title would be "How many bobbins do you have?" or "How many bobbins are enough?"
    A previous thread on auto bobbins by Eyejuggler got me to thinking about my bobbins so I put em all together. Forgot I had so many. I'll bet some of you have even more.????? THey just sort of accumulate over the years. Probably only really need one. IMG_1057.jpg
  2. 6 tiemco ceramic tube bobbin holders. no pic required
  3. three Rite bobbins and four el Cheapos.
  4. [​IMG]

    Two S & M's on the road with me and 5 more at home, including one long-tube that I never use.

  5. I have found that having my lead wire on a bobbin really works well and there is less waste. Wire works great on a bobbin too as does floss and braid especially when tying rotary.
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  6. I haven't seen them in a long time. I know I have one tucked away somewhere.
  7. The bobbins that I use:

    Ekich trout (new, still getting use to)
    Rite bobbin (2)
    Wasatch Mitch's bobbin
    Wasatch mini

    Plus 3 or 4 that live in the cougar gold can on my table. I like Jack's idea of using those for lead wire and fine wire.
  8. I use the C&F Bobbins, I like the foam inserts.
  9. Jack, I thought for a minute you needed a silk floss bobbin but found the little thing partially hidden by the fly. Two Wasatch silk bobbins were my last purchase.

    I don't have any bobbins with lead on them but do have one with copper wire on it for ribbing and copper johns.
  10. That is one cool looking bobbin. A new one on me. Of course, I'm going to have to get one.
  11. You have a sharp eye, Zen.
    The bobbin for Perarsalls is a little Frank Matarelli bobbin I've had forever.

  12. I had to go to the mini-bobbins as I couldn't make my bigger ones have the needed tension. I see yours is the marabou silk. I'm using the gossamer silk for soft hackles.
  13. I use both.
  14. Dave,
    The bobbins that develop a groove or are suspect of cutting my thread are the ones that end up for the lead or wire where it doesn't seem to matter.
  15. Show me your bobbins? I got arrested once for saying those very words at a Hooters (Hooter's is Denny's slutty little sister).
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  16. Good one Krusty.
    Everytime I've typed "bobbins" in this thread I have first typed "boobins".

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  17. My wife won't let me touch her bobbins! 'Course, I don't want to....we've been married so long they're now very long bobbins....and no good fer tying flies.
  18. Evidently, you must have tried? Interesting.
  19. I tried everything in my life...things I liked....I try 'em twice. [lyrics to?]

    It's only kinky the first chironomid fishing.
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  20. Sorry, rush job... I didn't get all artsy farsty with this one:


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