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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Dave Henry, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Dave Henry

    Dave Henry Member

    I find that, more and more often, I'm pulling out my iPhone instead of my water/shock proof compact. The picture quality isn't quite there yet(iphone4) but they are good enough for quick sharing and blog stuff. With a little extra work using the Photoshop app I have been able to make some interesting mid-quality shots. The iphone 5 may knock off my compact alltogther when it comes out. I'm wondering if anyone else is working on getting good pics with their phone.

    Here's one that has obviously been doctored up with the Photoshop app.
  2. JesseC

    JesseC Active Member

    Nice Pic.
  3. Dave Henry

    Dave Henry Member

    The Skagit river is no secret to anyone. A 3.5km hike to this spot will get you one or two 10 inchers. ;)
  4. Marc Hoffman

    Marc Hoffman New Member

    I take lots of photos from my kayak, mostly in the Seattle area (Union Bay, Lake Sammamish). I'm starting to post some of the better ones here: Recently I've kept watch over three newly fledged Green Herons.
  5. Pete Bridge

    Pete Bridge Member

    Nothing technical about these, I just think they're kinda cool and the one of the grayling I'm playing was a lucky capture.
  6. miyawaki

    miyawaki Active Member

    I have been shooting short 20-25 sec videos. I cannot post them here but I put them on my Orvis Bellevue facebook page.

  7. Dave Henry

    Dave Henry Member

    Here's a couple more.


  8. MountainTrout

    MountainTrout Bacon-wrapped trout?

    Just took this one last night at sunset

  9. Oldtoy

    Oldtoy Member

    I know it isn't pretty, but it was the first Burbot that I have ever caught. I had no idea what I had when I brought it up, took this photo, unhooked and left it in the water (contained) until I found out what it was. Has anyone ever cooked one of these things? Still need to eat it...

    View attachment 47025

    Also a shot near Thorp on the Yak in early September.

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  10. JS

    JS Active Member

    Almost all of my photography that I take while solo comes via the iPhone. Its pretty amazing what you can do with your phone these days.
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    Check out Lifeproof cases, they are a fully waterproof, shock proof, weather proof case. I have been taking underwater video with my iPhone for three months now. Pretty sick.
  11. Dustin Bise

    Dustin Bise Active Member

    my phone is alot worse then an iphone, but i still use it!







  12. Jergens

    Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

    Nice shots Dustin. Did you actually find that bag of needles fishing the spokane?
  13. NewTyer1

    NewTyer1 Banned or Parked

    Yeah, what's up with the needles
  14. Dustin Bise

    Dustin Bise Active Member

  15. g_smolt

    g_smolt Recreational User

    I got a crappy flipfone that takes fuzzy pics, but it sure is fun to use when talkin' shit to your friends while they are at work - hence the "Cleveland salute" in this pic.

  16. aaronk

    aaronk Member

    iPhone 4 with a little Camera+ HDR treatment.

  17. troutdopemagic

    troutdopemagic Active Member

    ^ Sweet pic.

    I've been using the 3GS and a couple photography apps for a while. Most of my pictures suck but you can make up your own mind. Check 'em (complete with vague, artsy bitch titles)

    Canyon Approach

    'dat Face

    Belt Creek Rainbow



    Where the magic happens

    Premium Liquor

    Down 'n Dirty
  18. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    Taken on my DroidX
  19. Dustin Bise

    Dustin Bise Active Member

    whats that in his mouth??
  20. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon